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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

KenLake State Resort Park Opens New Archery Range

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I've recently had the very good fortune to spend some time at KenLake State Resort Park, in Aurora Kentucky. My first visit was during the Bowfishing Association of America's World Championship - although my schedule only allowed for an overnight stay, I was so taken with the many activities and photo opportunities   Ken Lake State Resort Park, It didn't take long for me to decide I had to plan a return visit. I knew I would be returning the great Kentucky Lakes area in September, but that wasn't soon enough to suit me.

During my initial visit, KenLake gave me a sneak peek and a preview of their soon to be opening 3D archery range. Although on that first visit it wasn't quite completed I could tell that it was going to be an outstanding range that would appeal to a wide range of archery enthusiasts.

On my return visit, the park was in a flurry of Grand Opening preparations and park staff again generously allowed us to preview the range and spend some time trying our hands at the interesting and challenging layout. My partner and fellow outdoor photographer Amy Pease and I knew that this would be a great side trip for our many outdoor media colleagues who will be descending on the Kentucky Lakes area for the 2014 Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Annual Conference in September.Not only is this range a must visit for outdoor media  when visiting the Kentucky Lakes area, it provides a great opportunity for any archery enthusiast visiting  the Kentucky Lakes Area.egardless of what takes you Kentucky Lakes area, be sure to pack your bow and give this challenging and interesting course a try! You won't be disappointed!

Kentucky Lakes area work that originally appeared in the AGLOW Horizons Magazine August 2014