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Thursday, December 5, 2013

There's a Storm Coming...And We Need It

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There’s a Storm Coming……And We Need It

The first mean winter storm is on the horizon – frigid frenzied winds, snow, ice, sleet. It’s screaming down upon us and we need this storm NOW. Mother Nature is trying to heal us.

It’s been a long hard year for many – we need this storm. We need to go out into icy cutting wind, chop ice from the water, and slog through mud and frozen fields. Rage and scream in the wind; feel the burn of the brutal cold filling our chests. We need to be scoured clean from the rage, pain, disappointments and sheer toxins of the last year. We need stand facing the furies and fight it out.

We need to stand on the high open hill as sharp sleet slices away at our faces, taking away all the broken hard dirty parts. We need the cold. The cleansing, the sheer purity of the very air that arrives when furies move onward leaving everything washed, scoured, and frozen clean and crisp and renewed in its wake.

We NEED this storm.  Some of us are broken and tired and worn. We are exhausted and overwhelmed, longing for rest and respite. We NEED mother nature to send us to our dens. We need to scurry into the tiny, dark, safe, warm spaces and lick our wounds. We need sleep, and healing and repair, so that we may arise into the sunshine strengthened and strong. Able to move forward and a carry on another day.

We need this storm to show us we have survived yet another year, Solstice is close, days will be getting longer and we will soon be growing and blossoming and thriving.

There’s a storm coming…..and we need it right now