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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You'll Be There

7:40 AM 3 Comments
For my dear friend, her time is short, her days afield have come to close, but I'm heading out to the forest and field, the corn stalks and the tall grass, the river and marsh today because my friend.....

When the birds get up in the morning – in that giant screaming, squeaking, shrieking wad – string after string, after string…..I’ll hear you there.

When that fat yella dog comes screamin’ through the cornstalks with a greenhead in his mouth….I’ll see you there.

When the honeysuckle’s blooming, and the river air is hot and heavy, when the carp jump and fly…..I’ll smell you there.

When I pull that first cool, moist, magical morel from the damp forest floor….I’ll feel you there.

You see my friend, you’re not going very far. Because you taught me well, because you took the time to listen, because you took the time to say I love you for no particular reason and “in no particular order” every chance you had , you’ll always be out there right beside me.

May the journey ahead be peaceful and easy – through the fields filled with birds, the rivers full of fish, with all those many good dogs who have gone before seeing you safely to the other side.

A better place awaits.