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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blue Morph Mania

Earlier this week, five hardy gals from my community loaded up my friend's  "camera car" with backpacks full of camera gear and set off to see what we could capture at the Sophia M, Sachs Butterfly House. 

It's Morpho Mania time at the Butterfly House. A time when close to 5,000  Blue Morpho butterflies flood the tropical conservatory.

Blue Morpho ~Mopho paleides

The Butterfly House  web site provides this information about the blue morphs :
Native to the forests of Central and South America, the Blue Morpho's dazzling, metallic blue is all in the eye of the beholder: their wings are not actually colored blue, but are lined with many tiny scales that only allow blue light to escape. And what a sight to behold: thousands of these creatures catching the light in our sunny conservatory.
Despite their opulence, wild Morpho peleides prefer to stay in the forest understory, feeding on fermenting fruit, tree sap, even decomposing animals—keeping their wings folded to avoid catching the eye of would-be predators. But during mating flights, Blue Morphos rise high into the canopy, attracting mates with their iridescent splendor.
 Throughout the month of March, visitors to the Sophia M Sachs Butterfly House, in Chesterfield, MO have an opportunity to see huge numbers of the Blue Morphos. According to a Butterfly House representative, throughout the year the Butterfly House averages approximately 2,000 blue morphs. March Morpho Mania brings that number closer to 5,000.

Because the Blue Morph tends to hang low and try to be discreet about it's showy iridescent blue, some consider it a difficult butterfly to photograph - especially in  all it's blue splendor. With a little patience and a willingness to simply wait on the beauties to land I was able to capture them without much difficulty. Of course as predicted, finding them with them with wings closed and displaying the many "camouflage eyes"  was much easier. Luckily, I find the multiple eyes and camouflage pattern just as fascinating as the brilliant blue!

Oh my! A little butterfly love!

Patience pays off - the beautiful Blue Morph in all it's iridescent glory

Stay tuned for my next post where ewe look at some of the other butterflies, birds, and bison that we encountered during our day out! Until then, why not  have a look at this  post about a  previous visit to the Butterfly House.

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