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Friday, March 15, 2013

Blossoms and Butterflies, Birds and Bison

Yesterday I posted about my recent trip the Sophia M. Sachs butterfly house for the Morpho Mania event. Blue Morphos weren't the only butterflies flitting around, and as always I couldn't resist photographing some of the gorgeous blossoms that the butterflies love so much.

Some of the other species found flitting around the conservatory

So many beautiful and colorful blossoms  "butterfly food" !
Wanting to maximize our photo opportunities while in the city; after lunch we scurried off to the World Bird Sanctuary and Lone Elk Park.  While I was disappointed to find that the elk were up high on the ridge lines, and we truly didn't have the time to set out on foot in search of them, happily the bison provided some great photo ops instead.

The baby bison in the images caught  Lone Elk Park staff by surprise. Born January 3, it was certainly a much earlier than expected arrival in the Lone Elk bison herd!

Lone Elk Bison 

The World Bird Sanctuary offered up multiple opportunities for close head shots of the varied assortment of raptors and other birds that reside there. I have to admit though - although I greatly respect all the hard work performed at the World Bird Sanctuary - it's always hard for me to photograph the birds in captivity. I've spent far too much time afield to truly enjoy seeing the birds tethered or held in the large flight cages.

Please don't think that I don't fully understand the need for all of the rehab and conservation work that the World Bird Sanctuary performs - I do and I also understand that these birds need to be exactly where they are - getting the best of care. It just tugs at my heart a little to see a magnificent raptor tethered.

All in all I would say the outing to the city was a great success as everyone returned home with memory cards  brimming full of beautiful images. Now I'm convinced it's time to plan a trip the Missouri Botanical Garden .....

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