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Monday, February 18, 2013

I Survived!

I'd like to tell you that I survived some great outdoor  adventure however  that just isn't the case. Much more mundane. I survived the flu.

I also realized while in the throes of a fever that simply would not go away, that I had not been appropriately sympathetic to my friends and neighbors who had also been suffering through the dreaded influenza this year.

One minute I was out snatching up photos of some crazy clouds that were rolling through, and he inside of two hours from that first horrifically painful cough, I was thoroughly convinced I was going to pass.I have to wonder if the clouds were some warning from Mother Nature, that I was about to take a faceplant for two weeks?

But thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, and the benefits of time, juice, a pile of concerned dogs and way too much time in the recliner I have survived. 

I made my maiden after the flu journey out yesterday morning in early morning hours, while I watched the sky start to lighten. Even if it killed me, I had to get back outside. While I was no longer suffering from the flu, I was suffering from a lack of forest and field time. A far more serious condition for me.

I knew as I watched the sky lighten I'd made the right decision. Even though those first few steps across the frosted crunchy grass were wobbly, and the first few breaths of cold winter air bordered on painful, I'd made the right decision. 

 Best of all, the deer, the turkeys and best of all, my friend Mr. Bob were there to welcome me back.
Must run friends - I have two weeks of missed time outside to make up for, and I'm hoping for a breakfast date with Mr. Bob again today!


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photos. I am going to bookmark this blog and will make sure to check back weekly! :)