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Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Common Ground

After a week of brain numbing press releases and information overload, it seems that most of my friends in the outdoor world are like me- dreading even checking e mail, Facebook, our feed readers, and Twitter feeds.

 So many controversies this week. The Eastern  Sports and Outdoors  Show incident, the introduction of Senator Feinstein's proposal, a flurry of state and local level gun, hunting, and conservation  related legislation; all of these have made me weary. I have friends and colleagues on both sides of the issues and have especially grown weary of the line in the sand attitude  that many have adopted. So instead of yet one more opinion piece about these issues, let's  have a look at these images and remember the common ground that we have; our love of the outdoors and the wild spaces.


  1. I always wondered if I should be doing that whole press release/fishing report thing, I have the platform to be doing that, but I lose interest too fast.

    The reports tend to be more... yeah the fish are biting, but look what I found...

    I find them more interesting anyway.

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