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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zoom, Zoom, - Shroom, Shroom

The rule of thumb around our house is I vaporize about the first of October and don't return until nearly the last part of February. That's the time frame that my life in the outdoors kicks in to high gear; fall mushroom flushes, deer and fall turkey season opens, fall trout season opens, and then there's waterfowl season that completely consumes my life while I run up and down the flyway highway chasing those migrating wonders.

Here's a look at the last couple of days on the road -

Lots of hen of the woods popping - can't miss harvesting them

So many  of "First Deer" photos to take during the past weekends youth firearm season

Another happy youngster with his first deer - and a "funny doe"..

The youngster above was quick to show me his doe's "funny mouth"

checking for tracks and sign so I can plan ahead for trapping season

Just plain lots and lots of boots on the ground time, scouting, foraging, and watching as autumn begins it segue into peak winter hunting seasons 

 Best of all, taking a rest and watching  the early arriving geese move at sunset; heralding the waterfowl season ahead

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