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Thursday, October 11, 2012

With the Waders

There are days when in the midst of all my running to and from to meetings, events, and on assignments that I just have to find a quiet spiot to sit and rest my head, collect my thoughts, and get ready for the next adventure afield.
Some folks might search out a coffee shop or some place with free wifi  so they can multi task and update all the social media accounts etc.

Not me.

I find a park, a wildlife area or some equally tranquil spot. All of that electronic business that can really be a chore some day will just have to wait until after dark when I am back at my desk or settled in a motel room or cabin.

Let's face it - no one ever died from not updating facebook and twitter for 12 hours.

Yesterday I took my rest among the waders, the big blue herons and great white herons that populate a local fish and wildlife  area.  It's quite relaxing for me, watching the tiny life forms along the edge of the water, watch the blues and the great whites fuss and fight over prime fishing territory, marveling at how such elegant looking birds can make such decidely inelegant noises.  That's what relaxes, de stresses, and refreshes me on a hectic  autumn day.

What's your go to spot to recharge?

One of my "rest areas"

Aha... this is the sought after snack! Can you see the little fishies?

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