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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo Art Using Only Lightroom??

I have to admit while I am huge fan of digital/photo art when done by others; it's just not something I do very often. I'm a little too skittery and simply don't have the patience to sit in front of the screen for the time period so often required to make those beautiful creations.

Dare I even admit that I rarely open Photoshop? I think that's supposed to be sacrilegious for a photographer or something.  I love Adobe Lightroom 4,  and have been a fan since way back in Lightroom beta testing days.  The naysayers in the crowd will go on endlessly about the need for Photoshop, and filters, and layers and plug ins and textures and  lions and tigers and bears OH my! .... all absolutely necessary for producing any artistic looking rendering of a photo. Or a well done photographic image even. Not exactly so say I.

This morning I was perusing my friend Judi's blog The Coal Miner and Me, this gal has mad Photoshop skills and turns out some incredible pieces of digital art. She does indeed inspire me!

Next thing you know, my friend Ken, who pens Waterdog Journal  turned me on to a northern Illinois photographer friend of his who had done some gorgeous transformations on autumn images. 

Oh dear.. I could feel a goofy artsy fartsy moment coming.....

So, since I've been a little obsessed with fall colors and photographing them of late -  I decided to see if I could render some artistic looking  images JUST USING LIGHTROOM.  You heard me.. no Photoshop.

I'll leave it up to you the readers to decide if I did good, bad, or downright ugly... All I can say is  it gave me a much need mental break this morning ditzing around with things, For me, producing  art is therapy.

And I doubt anyone will argue with my need for therapy...........

Just in case you should be so taken with any of these that you might want to own a copy, please click here to order! Prefer it on gorgeous ready to hang canvas wrap? Thanks to our our partnership  with Action Graphics and Signs  we can do that too! Simply drop me an email with your size preference and Action will hop right to it!


  1. Lighroom, from what I can remember, is not all that different from Photoshop. It just takes away some of the guesswork. I've been using Photoshop for 20 years, but barely know the basics. Bob Long uses PS exclusively and has come to master it quite well in the last few years.

    My photo training is more along the realist line, so I tend to beef up colors in Photoshop to make it look more like what I thought I saw and leave it at that. Have toyed with the idea of painting again, but digitally is so much neater than oil paint and no fears of burning down the house from a build up of turpentine fumes. Almost did that once. Have been playing with with painterly effects, but it's more hands on than letting PS do everything for me.

    These images look pretty darn good. Never apologize for doing what you need to do to get things how you want. That's been the benefit of coming at photography from an oil painting point of view. I'm not a photo purist. I don't care if the purists pooh pooh the bells and whistles of PS. You should see what I used to do to my paintings and drawings, even including photos on them. Layer on layer of stuff.

    Do what you want to see what you want. Eventually you'll get to something that's strictly yours and it will be wonderful.

    Part of the failed canoe shop I opened in 2005 was an art gallery dedicated to outdoors related art. Had some nice work in the gallery. Bob wasn't doing what he does, didn't know you, have since met many other good artists. I should consider doing that part again.

  2. i think you did an amazing job!!!!!

  3. SCORE! You never cease to amaze me, Gretchen, with your zest and enthusiasm for new things and life!