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Friday, October 12, 2012

Maple Apple Glazed Mushrooms - A Fall Foraging Treat

A few posts back I highlighted the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom, aka the Sulfur Shelf. This morning I'm sharing a tried and true favorite recipe at our house.

I'm guessing the thought of maple and apple glazing of a mushroom seems a little odd to some, but what better way to really enjoy the woodsy smokey flavor of a mushroom than to enhance with it other forest flavors such as maple and apple? Chicken of the Woods mushrooms have a light flavor on their own that works well to accept and take on the flavors used in cooking.

While we most often enjoy the mushrooms prepared this way as a sandwich type of meal, preparing this way also makes for a delicious side dish, stuffed into an omelet, or tossed with pasta,crumbled bacon and light cream sauce. Anyway you serve them will sure to be a hit. One early morning guest at our house was heard to exclaim, "Oh my God....Mushroom Bacon!", foloowed by request for more to be added to his plate.

Our family fall favorite - Maple Apple Glazed Mushrooms on toasted sourdough bread topped with some Gouda cheese

Here's where I have to insert the disclaimer that all measurements are approximate. I'm one of those a pinch, a shake, a handful kind of cook. I just rarely fiddle with measuring devices. 

Maple Apple Glazed Mushrooms
2 cups sliced chicken of the woods mushrooms
sea salt
fresh ground black pepper
olive oil
1/4 cup apple juice

Heat just enough olive oil in a heavy skillet on medium to cover the bottom. Add sliced mushrooms, and generous grind of the sea salt and black pepper
Saute until the color deepens and they just start to brown
Add several generous shakes of McCormick's Smokehouse Maple seasoning from the Grill Mates line of seasonings.
Continue stirring and sauteing until mushrooms become evenly browned and crispy at the edges and start to stick a bit to the skillet
Add apple juice to deglaze the pan and pick up any bits and pieces from the skillet then continue to stir and cook until all juice is gone.

       Delicious alone as is, folded into an omelet, diced and tossed with pasta, Maple Apple Glazed Mushrooms -  Mother Nature's Fast Food!

That's it - that's all it takes and you have a great autumn treat to enjoy be it breakfast, lunch or supper!


  1. That sound delicious! I'm gonna try it tonight.

  2. How much longer will these be in the woods this year?