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Thursday, July 19, 2012

IT's HOT..But My Feet Are Cool!

It's hot , miserable triple digit HOT. Heat is dangerous and disabling for people living with MS. Many people with MS have problems when the temps start to rise, in  a nut shell; when our body temperature goes up  the few signals that we have scooting up and down our nerve pathways get even more squirrelly. Things go awry pretty quickly, nueropathy gets worse, vision  gets all  blurry or a temporary blindness can result, difficulties walking, difficulties with speech, the list is endless. I liken it to turning into a bowl of melting jello. ( i think that's a little what I look like too) The good news is that these symptoms usually don't hang around after a person with MS gets properly cooled down, and can often be circumvented by using any of the various cooling products and garments that are available.

I've become an ace at battling the heat. I know my limits, utilize a cooling vest and  hat, and make sure I stay hydrated.

The problem that I had never been able to solve adequately though was that of hot feet. When my feet get hot, it creates problems with strange tingling, burning, sensations that will segue into a rapidly painful case of nueropathic pain that will bring my hot weather outdoor activities to a screeching halt.

Because I'm outdoors and afield in hot weather, I need to wear good sturdy boots.  Regular boots like sturdy hiking boots and protective snake boots are  simply  too hot to even consider, so I wear military issue desert boots.

But there was this pesky sock issue. My usual hiking socks were just plain too hot, too heavy duty, too miserable.

So, I did what I always do when I have a question about  outdoor apparel, gear, or other outdoor needs; I called my friends Jeff and Shelly Ray at HerCamoShop. They know their products, they are quick to help a customer figure out what the best selection would be , and offer a huge selection of gear and clothing at a variety of price points to suit any budget. 

HerCamoShop to the rescue!

I explained my problem, because I have such altered sensation my feet, very similar to those living with diabetes, I needed socks that would be protective of my feet, yet not melt them. HerCamoShop was quick to recommend the WigWam Silver Liner Pro, and were generous enough to send me a pair to try and review.

The Wigwam Silver Liner Pro provides an organic union of the superior moisture control with the elemental odor elimination qualities of X-Static Silver Nylon. X-Static for odor control, combined with a comfortably snug, foot hugging fit. They contain Chitosan for natural odor protection, are very lightweight in lightweight design, and sport cooling  breathable mesh air vents. The seamless toe closure prevents any chafing, rubbing or irritation during wear.  The Silver Liner Pro socks are . 45% stretch nylon, 30% X2O acrylic, 15% acrylic, 6% polyester, 3% spandex, 1% X-Statc Silver Nylon, and are available in sizes to fit women's  sizes 6-10.
As added bonus, they are made in the USA! 

I donned the socks as soon as they arrived and set out for the dove fields with Willie. We did land training , water training, we hiked along the horse trail and my feet were cool and comfortable. I wasn't getting those little prickly feelings that signal it's time to head back home a ditch my boots. . They were comfortable and sturdy enough enough in my boots to offer protection to my feet but without a feeling of big bulky hiking socks.  Willie was impressed when I took my boots off; the odor stopping abilities worked like a charm, and Willie no longer crinkled up his nose and rolled his eyes when he carried my boots to the rack for me. 

Just to be sure this wasn't a fluke, I've worn them on every outdoor excursion since. This unbearable heat wave and drought have given me ample opportunity! They continue to perform as well after repeated washing  as they  did on the first trip out! 

Given the lightweight, thin feel and snug fit I'm looking forward to wearing these under my more bulky  hunting socks come those cold mornings in the goose pit. 

WigWam Silver Liner Pro - the perfect hot weather hiking sock, hunting sock,  and one that can pull double duty as a liner sock in the cold months. At HerCamoShop's most reasonable price of $9.99 these socks should be a must have for any lady who has her boots on the ground in hot weather conditions!.


  1. Super review, G. I heart my Wigwams from Jeff and Shelly Ray. 

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