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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - Splat!

I knew I was getting behind - but didn't realize it had been a two full weeks since I'd posted anything.  My how time flies when you are having fun and zooming around like that Mazda commercial. Course you know by now how works with me;  Zoom, zoom, zoom,  - splat.
I have that tendency to zoom until I fall over and go splat. I went splat. Had to spend a few days lying around, rebuilding the energy stores again.

So just where has the Wild Woman been zooming around to?

For starters was the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis ; - one word - OVERWHELMING! So many folks and products to see and test. So many issues to discuss, so many and so much;  it was nearly disconcerting! I have folders full of photos, and some really great new gear to test and to tell you about in the coming days. 

Heading into the NRA Annual Meeting

I so wanted to take this Taurus home with me.. so wanted to!

Straight from the NRA Annual Meeting and all if it's whirlwind fun,  I headed of to New Athens, IL for the Retriever's Unlimited Spring Hunt Test; lots of zooming there! From flight to flight, dog to dog and  for heavens sake - my first lesson in being a marshall. Thankfully the judges were kind and understanding and realized they were working with a very disorganized  brain and person. By the end of the second days hunt test, I was pretty much toast.

"Kissa" - my pal's  beautiful Chocolate running the Started Water Division

My best buds Madison and Hershey; Madison got a kiss, a bath and duck all at once from Hershey in their first Started  Test together.

Finally after 4 days of back to back fun and excitement I was home..and completely wrung out. I had to just lay out for a few days. That whole balance rest and activity thing... energy out.. rest in.. I hadn't been putting much rest in the account for a week, and I was at  the "Warning your account is about  to be closed!" stage of he game; so despite my best efforts to plow through photos, write gear reviews, catch up blogs, meet print deadlines, . I sort of umm... well..... took to my bed for a day or two. It's an MS thing- we just have to do that. No matter how  fast our brains think we can go, our bodies just don't cooperate. When MS Fatigue hits, it hit's like a ton of bricks, and there's nothing one can do but ride it out. So that's what I did.. I rode  it out...grumbling all the way.

Just as soon as  I was able to slay the fatigue dragon it was time to repack things, switch gears from running dogs to shooting fish. ; yep more windshield time and more zooming. I zoomed over to Rend Lake , near Whittington IL for the 7th Annual Billy Davis Bowfishing Tournament. The best little bowfishing tournament in the midwest. The Billy Davis is one of my favorites; it's bit like old home week as  bowfishers from across the midwest come together to honor  the memory of  the phenomenal young bowfisher Billy Davis, who tragically lost his life in 2005.

My good friends from Team Back-N-Black heading out  for a long chilly night of rough fish clean up.

Ken Sharp - one of my favorite bowfishers, and one I can count on seeing every year at the Billy Davis

Kendall Carrigan and "The Phantoon" - he and his partner Christine Appleberg are responsible for lighting that bowfishing  fire I have!

The "boatels"  at the beautiful Rend Lake Resort - a great place for any outdoor getaway from fishing to hunting to just wandering the trails.

The kind folks at Rend Lake Resort must have seen the road weariness on my face and they  ever so thoughtfully provided me with a room with huge jacuzzi tub.. ahhhh a little slice of heaven when wimpy pants here elected not to spend the whole night on the water trying to slay carp.

As the tournament wrapped up on Sunday, the words of advice from one of my readers at Heartland Outdoors rang in my head.. " G, You need to slow down a little, do a little fishing, wander a little. You'll feel better and we miss your wandering around pictures." 

Good Heavens! - the bucks are already starting on this years' antlers!

Sometimes you just have to wander down the first path you see.

So despite the mound of things  fast over taking my office, the deadlines looming, I took the long way home and wandered through deer, turkey, and even a fish or two. Slowly.. in a non zoomy fashion.  My zoominess was zooming right on out of my system once again.

Home for two more days of playing "Deposit the Rest Dollars" in the rest and activity account. Finally, I think I'm starting get the account back to viable working stage. At least I'm not getting the Insufficient Funds notices this morning!

Hmm now where should I zoom off to today?


  1. Great photos! And you better be plenty rested for you visit!!!

  2. YOu really put the miles on your camera, Woman! Thanks for sharing and get recharged. Too bad you can't just plug in to your car while you're driving between places.