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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother Nature Is In A Rush!

Venturing out and about to wander some last week, I was astounded at how quickly the woods and fields were changing. In barely a weeks time the woods and fields had gone from looking a tiny bit ahead of usual growth and bloom times to bursting at the seams with blooms, blossoms, and bees.

Blooms and blossoms that we normally don't see in Southern Illinois until late May to mid June.  Mother Nature is in quite the rush this year!

The prairie hills and roadsides are lighting up and bursting at the seams with blossoms and blooms.

Drifts of daisies cover the prairie hillsides

Masses of red clover abound along the roadways and fields

Wild False Indigo towers over the other prairie plants

More Wild False Indigo - one of my favorite blooming plants on the prairie
The woodland flowers are in a rush as well-  what should be a gently shaded creek bank, with shin high grasses and the lull between the early spring wildflowers and the summer jungle,   is now sporting early summer blooms and is thick, green and hard going. It should not be mosquito and machete time in the river bottoms until at least mid June!

An owl feather on the narrow deer path I followed to water's edge yesterday.

All along the creek bank the False Solomon's Seal was sending out it's plumes of tiny star -like blossoms.
Spiderwort, in all it's various shades from pink- to purple dotted the forest floor - looking as if someone had taken a violet hued paintbrush and splattered it across the landscape. 

The taller lighter hued spiderwort at the edges of woods and along the roadways, fence lines, and fence rows.

Everything is overdrive - this spiderwort shows an unusual number of blossoms and buds

The pink shorter woodland variety of spiderwort

The blackberry berry briars and patches are heavy with blossoms and the dew berries have already started making berries. MAKING BERRIES. Mother Nature - Please slow down! At  this rate it's going to be like August in June!

The berry patches look to be making a promise of buckets of berries for the picking this year

From berries to bee balm; the woods and thickets just don't seem to be grasping that it isn't even May yet!

Bradbury's Bee Balm - noted for the tiny purple spots on the blossoms

Large masses of bee balm are lighting up the less jungle like areas of the forests

The only plant  even halfway close to being "on schedule" that I encountered was the Tulip Poplar, that normally blooms in May, albeit a little later in May than the first week. Upon closer inspection, some of the blossoms on this tree were already past prime and beginning to fade.

Again - Please slow it down Mother Nature!

The yellow or tulip poplar - locally known as the "tulip tree"  because of it's tulip like blossoms.

I'm planning on doing some creek bottom, rock hopping , exploration tomorrow in some counties a bit to the north. I'll be anxious to see if Mother Nature is kicking into fast forward there too! 


  1. Jeanene ArringtonApril 30, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    Thanks for sharing so many photos! Just beautiful!

  2. It is as if spring is over. Garlic mustard it high already. Flowers that are supposed to be just starting now are done already. The tree out my window says it's summer already. We did finally get some rain up here, we'll see what happens next.