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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Greening Up Fast!

One of the things that I especially enjoy about being a member of the Outdoor Blogger Network are the occasional and very helpful writing or photography prompts that are shared there. Even the most creative minds need a little assistance now and then. The most recent photo prompt from OBN  is " Spring Has Sprung". 

Be sure to have look at all the great and gorgeous blog posts from fellow OBN  members there. You will definitely feel "springy after perusing them!

Spring has most definitely sprung in my neighborhood, and with a vengeance! We've been experiencing some odd weather patterns,  unseasonably warm and wet patterns have kicked the spring woodland into overdrive.

Each day it seems things have grown, greened up, and progressed at twice the normal speed and twice as early as usual.

Come walk along with me on my trip afield yesterday to the spring woods to do a little gathering and foraging. At these current rapid greening and growing rates, I'm soon going to need a machete in the creek bottoms!

Green, green, green, as far the eye can see....

A nest of baby cotton tails hiding in the thicket 
A box turtle with what appears to be a need for a tissue!
Sweet William - just ready to burst into bloom
The ever so sweetly scented honeysuckle
Record numbers of tiny insects and creepy crawlers fill this year's spring woodlands
Virginia Bluebells
A sampling of the spring woodland foraging bounty


  1. For this last hour of sun today, it's a bit cold out, but the kind of clear that hurts your eyes. The greens, the blues are intense. Out for a walk in the woods tomorrow. Hopefully no clouds. There's one creek bottom, long and flat, covered with acres of Virginia Bluebells. They should be perfect.

  2. Sounds Beautiful Ken - bluebells are one of my favorites!