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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Arrives Early!

Seems that the odd weather patterns form this past winter have carried over into Spring. We  didn't have much of a winter to speak of here in Southern Illinois. It was  unseasonable warm all through the winter, and that same odd weather pattern has carried through to spring.

I'm always on the hunt for those first morels earlier than most, and looking through my field journals there have indeed been a few other years where my first finds were early or mid March, but those have been few and far between. April is generally considered peak mushroom season here. April, mushrooms and turkey season. In Illinois, during spring turkey season, much to the consternation of many a morel hunter,  mushroom hunting is prohibited until 1PM in state parks, wildlife areas,etc. Illinois says it's just not safe to have turkey hunters and mushroom hunters plundering about in the same woods.

Early last week the first reports of the morels appearing in the southernmost regions began to appear, a photo here, a text message there, and the occasional excited phone call. Season was by no means in full swing, but it was beginning. Because I have this obsession with all things fungi, I romped off to the forest to see what the daily storms and rains had left behind for us. Alas, my usual haunts were only producing the red "False Morels" and no true ones yet.  My hope is that today will be the first morel day. Even if it's not, the spring woods is full of beauty and wonder. C'mon along and have a look at some of the Spring woodland treasures out there. 

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  1. G, making a journal of finds is a great idea, one we are just beginning this year. I also really liked that scrapbook album, really nice photos. Karen

  2. Gretchen, what a beautiful way to start the day flipping through your Smilebox!  Thanks so much for the great article and beautiful photos.  Happy Spring!!!