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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lookin' For Bones

First - new look to the blog this morning; Good? Bad? Really dirt ugly? I drove a couple of my fellow bloggers a little crazy over the weekend; I think I changed the look 47 times. What looked like a cheerful bright green, kind of trippy, kind of old hippie chick, to me, nearly put out my friend and fellow blogger Ken from Waterdog Journal's eyes.  Okay; that one bit the dust- several others were rejected as too girly, too muted, too plain, too blue, ad nauseum.. until I finally just decided to quit mucking about and run with this one.

The rest of my weekend was spent bemoaning the fact that although Willie can find any shed I hide for him in the field, all he could sniff and snuffle out this weekend were tiny little bones and odd things.

Just a turkey skull; but intact and added to the collection on the fireplace

Wondering how long this has been in the tree?

I wish I could tell you that I found this nice one, but alas- it was my pal Adam Rutkowski's claim. He only allowed me to pose with it, because he thought since I was "a small person" it would make the antler look bigger.

Piper and my Prois; both always ready for any outdoor adventure !
Adam's find had plenty of mass to it; I couldn't even get my hands wrapped around that chunk of bone.

Too fat for my fingers
The back side of this big boy
We hiked and plundered,  errr -  Adam plundered. The dogs brought me things like horsehead doe skulls and little bird bones..

Piper with a skull she fetched up for me

Willie mostly played in the water; convinced it was a party just for him
Lastly, and most importantly, I got to spend  some time afield with my friends, enjoying the first signs of spring that are starting to emerge. I'll find sheds once things start greening up a little more. After all it's more about the journey and the time afield,  than it is about dragging home bones.

a multiflora rose cane starting to leaf out


  1. Love the new blog design!  Looks really good, Gretchen!  Good job girl!

  2. love the changes.. love your finds. and your little walk in nature.. thanks for taking us along~ 

  3. Thanks Jody! It required an awful lot of brownies ;)

  4. Thank you Ms. Stacey! Now to get my hiney back outside and walk away from the desk.. it's gobbling up my brain!

  5. The blog looks fantastic! I would say it was worth the effort and then some. I also went out this weekend on a fishing adventure turned walk through the wilderness and found some bones myself - no antlers though 

  6. The new blog looks awesome!

  7. Love the new look and the photos and the story!  Makes me feel like a Pocket Pal, right there with ya!

  8. Thanks much Nick! I appreciate your feedback! We haven't found many bones his year; mild winter = fewer carcasses laying around.

  9. Thanks Tammy! You are welcome to go along any time I'm out there wandering aimlessly ;)

  10. Love the new look!  Lovely finds! Makes me want to go out and try my pups' noses in the woods very soon. In the neighborhood, one alwasys seems to catch on to the slighest movement, while the other has an affinity for dead things.