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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GO OUTSIDE! It's Good Medicine

My dear friend Jody over at The Hunter's Wife  wrote an outstanding post titled Excuses yesterday. I was sorely tempted to copy and paste and plagarisze the living daylights out of it, because she so well summed up my feelings the six weeks or so.

It's hard to write about walking with me, when the only walking I've been doing seems to be from bed, to couch, to the shelf in the kitchen that houses the brownies and Cheetos. The doctor did say I could try walking around the block - until some big mouth kid I raised pointed  out that around the block to  me meant around the section which equaled a total of 1 square mile. Scratch that. Sheesh.

But despite my best intentions of following the good doctors orders I could not..absolutely could not - stand that desolate walk to the brownie barn one more time. I snuck out. I broke rank. I defied those smart folks in the snappy clean white coats and went outside.

In the cold, and rain, and mud . Take that all you clean white coat wearers!

I not only went outside and walked,  I went outside and played in the mud and muck with those crazy waterfowl hunting people . Several in this crew had been teenage buddies with my "Stunt Double Son" , and I'm  pretty sure I had a couple of them by scruff  the neck at least once or twice during that period, but I'm proud to they've all grown into the wonderful men that I knew were hiding in those gangly teenage boy bodies.

Well that didn't kill me.. so I decided it was time venture further afield - winter oyster mushroom season is upon us and they are flushing by the  zillion.

Just have to add that my Prois Eliminator Series Rain gear - PERFECT for cold wet mushroom hunting!

Seeing how two trips out for some "Drive By Shrooming " didn't kill me, cause  havoc, or result in the earth' to stop spinning on it's axis...

Time to start scouting for birds and hitting the waterfowl hot spots! 

Yep, I am fully convinced that getting outside is the best medicine - and no matter how out of reach it may seem there is way to get yourself outside - even if it's just a short walk or roll in a nearby park. 
Mama was right she admonished us - "Go outside and get the stink blowed off! It's healthy!"

So I admonish all of you dear readers to do the same - Feeling stressed by the holidays? Fighting a case of winter ick? Have a chronic disease that's weighing heavy on your heart and soul? Well - 


  1. Gretchen, so happy to hear you are feeling much better!!! And getting outdoors is the perfect medicine.  Even if it is just for a walk.  Which has helped me tremendously!  xoxoxo

  2. Good job Gretchen.  Are you back to normal activitys now ?

  3. UnHui - Almost back to normal..about another week..and then have to wait until after New Years to start using the bow and guns again :)

  4. We've both had it this year haven't we? But hey girl - Next year it's going to be our year!