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Friday, October 28, 2011

We All Fall Down

We all fall time sometime, and this years fall deer, turkey,  and duck and seasons seem to be leaving a path of bodies in their wake before they even really get fully underway.

There's me and this whole factory remanufacturing of my chest nest week.

There's my friend Sonny - who will be spending hunting season on his porch because he suffered an untimely fall from a ladder and landed on his feet. His ankles did not thank him.

Now my friend, mentor, and dog lady friend Deb has taken a tumble and will be spending her duck season casted and using a walker.

I think we should found the  "There goes my hunting season! " club. But rather than sit around and whine about it- we are looking for ways to get back out there as fast as possible. Sonny has already determined that he can indeed shoot a squirrel from his wheelchair on  the porch.

So here Deb and I sit - salivating as we wait for opening day of duck season. Sit being the operative word. What rotten timing for us both.  Waterfowl Season opens on November 12th! Did anyone put in for the handicapped duck blind draw? Oh heck no- no one knew before the onslaught of injuries we were going to need them. 

I made a few quick phone calls and learned that we were lucky and there were still some open dates for the handicapped blinds. What date did we think we wanted?

Can I call you back after everyone is done with surgery next week?

The silence on the other end was deafening. I'm sure those site directors thought to themselves. The whole hunting party will be disabled? The whole hunting party is going to have surgery? Are these people nuts?

But being the good outdoor sistahs that Deb and I are, we have a plan. It's only her legs.. she can still swing that shotgun like a pro when the birds come falling in, and it's only my arms and chest...I can still trundle the decoys out. Between the two of us we make one duck hunter. It's simple teamwork! It's what outdoor sisters do!

So when the surgeries are all done, and the doctors have spoken, Deb and I will be making our reservations for those handicapped blinds, and between the two of us we'll slay ducks. And we'll hug wet dogs. And eat goose smokies and fried egg sandwiches in the blind while we giggle like school girls every time we see a batch of birds winging it our way. We'll not be surprised that together we pull it off after all.

Because as one of our  most famous outdoor sisters, Annie Oakley, stated ~ “Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy tramping across the country on a clear, frosty morning with a good gun and a pair of dogs does not know how to enjoy life.”

And believe me - Deb and I know how to enjoy life! 

My Friend Deb during a late winter upland hunt test last year


  1. QuarryridgehuntclubOctober 28, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    very nice out look. there is always a good side to everything. go get em girls...

  2. The two of you might make one whole duck hunter, but you'll have the sense of humor and determination of four or five! Can't wait to read the post on your hunt.

  3. I love this! A very good remedy to keep everyone somehow active in the outdoors! Go get em'!