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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stockpiling Time and Treats

I have indeed been suspiciously MIA from the blogosphere, the social media sites, and in general off the grid a bit the last week or so.

All is well - (well after a fashion - there was that whole stick in the eye incident last week)  I've just been stockpiling as much outdoor time and as many fall foraging treats as I possibly can.

The great filleting like a catfish day is now a mere  7 days away and counting down. I know that I will be ordered to the house the first couple weeks after. Never a good idea to be plundering around the forest with drains hanging out of your chest. With my klutzy, fall here, fall there, personality, I'd end up getting into a real fix. Probably wind up hanging from a tree limb by a drain line or IV tubing.

So, I've been stockpiling as much time and as many pohotos as I can from out there of late.

It will give me something to do, blog entries to write while I'm lazing around on the couch growling at Willie that the drain tubes are not chew toys.

It's been peak foraging season, fall trout season, deer season, retriever hunt test season,  and my beloved waterfowl are lurking right around the corner. I cannot lie - I cannot stay inside. I have this goofy idea that if I just stockpile all this glorious autumn outdoorness, I will survive the few weeks of being on house arrest.

We'll see.

Here's a look at some of my walking around lately.. there's good medicine out there right now, and I'm stockpiling it too.

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