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Monday, September 12, 2011

Walk a Little, Meander a Little

Last post I just threw it all out there - the whole crazy Multiple Sclerosis thing, the Wild Woman Walkin" soul that I have , and also raised the question how to incorporate the two in a singular blog. I received lots of great feedback via phone, email, twitter - and from all that feedback, especially the spot on advice I received from Glynn over at A Reel Lady; I think I've got it figured out - The main page here - It'll be the same Walkin' With the Wild Woman - A title that I hope conjures up wild outdoor adventures, full of fun and excitement. A life full of power health and vitality.
However MS is an ever attached part of my life, and there always seems to be some part of it that affects the wild vibrant crazy wild woman in my soul - so to that end - When one of my wild adventures has a MS impact, it's likely be linked over to Meandering With MS tab with some further explanation or wild tale...
Make a lick of sense? Probably not - cause we MS'r sometimes have a little trouble making a lick a sense .

Meet Willie - Willie is my service dog in training - although at his present 3 brain celled age of 1 I'm not always sure how much service we're going to wring out of this high speed water loving lug.
He does a great job of fetching up what I drop, carrying the heavy stuff, helping me up and down out if the hills and hollers and is much better companion than cane.

But there's that water business..he just hates to stay out of the water, making it necessary for anything he's going to have in his pack in dry bags.

That ability I have for finding the one square inch of blue nasty mud and falling in it - Well, Willlie has the same affectation for water. (Not a bad thing for a duck dog though) .

It's important for any good service to have a good instinct about what's going on with their human partner. Willie is coming into his own and seems to know - he brings pillows to me at the desk when I am weary in order to tell me it's nap time, he brings boots and camo when he thinks I need a little trip outdoors. Here's a look at his recent decision to drag me out side and remind me that good fun, and good friends outside are good medicine !
When you get the opportunity to splash and jump DO IT!
Take your best friend and go outside to see what you can see!
Let your bigger stronger friend do the heavy work
When you get worn out - LAY DOWN and soak up some sun

Thanks to my best friends - Adam and Piper for playing with Willie and I when we need it most!

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  1. Great Post Gretchen!!! So amazing the uncanny sense dogs have about "their people." It seriously amazes me more with each post I read. You are such an inspiration to EVERYONE!