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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Somedays You Have Soup...

sneaking into the duck hole before the teal arrive
I knew when I woke up this morning before dawn things had shifted - not only was I feeling better, the temperature had dropped, the rain was falling - the shift from summer to fall had begun. I could feel it in my bones. I felt as restless and stirry as the migrators that are starting to move.

I listened to the raggedy and ever enlarging flight of honkers head on their daily move from lake to lake and knew it was time to step outside. Teal might be moving.. maybe.. maybe I wouldn't spook them out going in. The light was horrible, the rain was falling and I'm still too shaky to hand hold 400mm in the chill - but they were there, and  they lifted off, and they circled, they bunched, and they balled, and they flew;  and all was well in my world for those few brief moments .

And they circle...

and they ball....
and they are here!

Soon as I was headed in the door ditching the cold, wet, clothes my phone rang; it was another one of the "Outdoor Sisterhood" Chicas ~  My pal  Gila - a talented photographer who now hails  from the Show Me State, We grew up together roaming, chasing crawdads, running dogs,  eating stuff out of the woods, tearing up dirt roads and chasing spirits.

After telling me that I was just a little nutty for slithering out the reeds in this weather she announced she was bringing me soup. Good Soup. Soup that will make you feel better. Soup made with compassion, care, and fresh and good ingredients to strengthen body and soul. The same soup her Granny and my Mother made 60 years ago.

And she arrives - full of goodness, grace and good food - She hugs my dogs, and tells me to eat. We laugh and talk about teachers, students, the vagaries of life as photographer, when the mushrooms will be popping, and we have soup. We brainstorm and talk technology ( She's light years ahead of me by the way) , and we have soup. 

And when the soup is finished an the visit comes to an end - we are both made better by the time together ....It's that Outdoor Sisterhood Chica stuff ya know, even if it takes place on the inside on cold rainy day.

~ special thanks to Buck Gardner Field Staff Jason Schlesinger for this mornings  teal tip  off - . Jason always keeps me posted on where the birds are!

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  1. glad you could get a few pics. ill keep u posted on any more. really glad to see yu back on the move.

    jason schlesinger
    Buck Gardner Field Staff
    Dakota Decoys Field Staff