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Friday, September 9, 2011

She - Who - Hugs - Cute - Baby - Deer

I had great plans - I truly did. I was heading to a favorite spot of mine I would leave before dawn, have my boots on the ground and ready for the early flight of teal, the first morning deer who would step out to feed. Visions of bright blue winged teal, jetting like F14 Bombers would fill the frames on my camera, I would catch slab crappie by the bucket full, those big boy bucks still in velvet would parade their prowess in preparation and practice for the upcoming rut.

Did not happen quite that way.

My MS has been giving me fits - I'm taking the steroids I hate so much because of the crummy side effects, such as  sleeplessness, anxiety, steroid induced psychosis. An appetite that makes anything that stops moving fair game and requires cases of Cheetos and brownies  to be kept handy . But - without the steroids, without those mean side effects I'm not able to be out there,  my boots on the ground, in the woods, on the water, in the forests, in the fields where I truly find my best medicine - so it's a trade off  I'll gladly suffer .

When I awoke late, moving slow, feeling ragged, I knew I'd blown the great plan; but I also knew I still needed to go to that favorite place and just let Mother Nature, Mother Earth do her thing for me.

It seems that when I need to heal my heart, fix my head and sort life's great mysteries and speed bumps out; Mother Nature delivers.

She didn't deliver all those grand visions I'd had.

What she delivered was cute baby deer; because my dear friend She -Who- Hugs-Cute Baby-Deer was much on my mind, in my heart and thoughts today . Mother Nature brought me funny and feisty all grown up lady deer; too remind me how blessed I am to belong to a wonderful circle of friends in the "Outdoor Sisterhood" .

She brought me the acceptance that some days it really truly is okay to  - Just. Be. Enough.

Hello! First creature encountered - A cute baby deer. I knew it was a sign.

Cute baby deer perfectly willing to pose, to snack, and would have probably   let She - Who- Hugs- Cute- Baby-Deer Hug her.

I'm watching out for you today - sending all good energy we cute baby can deer find

Cute baby deer friends - yet another sign

Yes, She-Who Hugs Cute-Baby-Deer was on my mind today. Mother Nature knew this. 

Ever watchful for any way to help the healing along

Seriously - The Sisterhood and Mother Nature were in cahoots out there today

And what would we do without  a little smile, a little humor, and that sparkle that reminds me so of my friend She-Who Hugs Cute-Baby-Deer

And of course there were also some sassy, feisty, funny grown up deer gals too - I think they were sent to remind me of how  valuable my friendships and opportunities with my outdoor sisters are. We understand each other, will cheer for, weep with, and instinctively understand that the outdoors is what heals our hearts, our heads, our bodies and our souls.
Do we need trip to the woods to fix you  up?

Eat your greens - err acorns.. but eat.. you must nourish you body !

Oh yeah you- on the steroids - step away from the Cheetos!

Hey baby deer hugger I said Eat - I don't care if you don't want to! And put down that brownie Steroid Sister!

Hey friend - you know I'm here for you

Oh get over it- I'll be girly and hug you all I want that's what friends do.

When all else fails - a good meal together will give us that opportunity of food and fellowship and figuring it all out.
So you see, there are those days when it's not an adventure we seek, it's not the thrill of well executed hunt, putting food on the table, it the comfort and the healing that a wander through the forest and the fields will bring us. Step outside- just be - Just. Be. Enough. - Allow our Mother Earth, our blessed woods and waters to bring you what you need. You won't be disappointed.

Finally my fervent hope is that when my friend She- Who-Hugs-Cute-Baby-Deer sees these photographs they bring to her the same feeling of comfort, hope, healing, peace, and friendship that all of us in the outdoor Sisterhood  share and she knows that even if neither us of completely  realized it today; Mother Nature kept us together in spirit and helped us help each other along a bumpy a road -

Just the funny way that Outdoor Sisterhood  works across miles and mountains , across rivers and streams, up the hills and down the hollers, across all party lines. It just works.

Remember for all of us; indoors/outdoors/across the miles and right next door ;  there are those days it really truly is  just fine to -

Just. Be. Enough.

Special thanks to one of my favorites in the Outdoor Sisterhood, Mia Anstine  for her understanding, encouragement, and inspiration this morning  to get out there today and let the healing process happen.


  1. Thank you..just what I needed today! Yay for sisterhood! Gorgeous pics.

  2. WOW! I see you were full yesterday. That is SUPER GREAT! I am glad you had the sun shine upon you and felt "enough". Hugs from across the miles.
    Your humbled Outdoor Sister

  3. Thank you for helping me find my get up and go and get out there :)

  4. River Damsel - so glad the Outdoor Sisterhood is working in your life this morning too! :) Yay for the Sisterhood!

  5. Such beautiful photos! Sorry the MS is messing up your plans! I need regular outdoor fixes to keep me a sane member of society...

  6. I won't say I'm one of those "oh getting MS was a blessing" folks - but it dis help sharpen my appreciation for many things I used take forgranted. It comes, it goes..MS = One day chicken the next day feathers LOL
    I think a great many of us REQUIRE regular outdoor time stay sane! Thanks for your kind comments!

  7. Sigh. Life ... how we respond, how we accept, how we move forward. Much easier when done by appreciating the beauty that is our gift -- found outdoors and within each other. Thank you, Gretchen. Be well, my friend.

  8. Mia has that positive energy that she can transmit thousands of miles. That's why we are so thrilled that she contributes to the world of outdoor women communicators!

  9. Thank YOU Barb - for all of your help in bringing me into the wonderful world of so many inspirational outdoor women. I appreciate you and your commitment to the Outdoor Sisterhood more than you know!

  10. Absolutely! She is a special one! Her Golden Eagle/Golden Angelpiece was so helpful to me and even my not so outdoorsy friends that live with a chronic illness.

  11. So nice.....thank you so much for writing this and the wonderful pictures too! I have been struggling with the damn health issues again and this cheered me up! Love you!