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Friday, September 16, 2011

Pssst. It's me....Willie's me ..Willie. Shhh.. Don't wake the human. I've made a break for it.
It's been a hard day around here. Medcine Mama /Wild Woman  got allllll freaked out because I went on a little unsuprvised jaunt around the neighborhood. She is sooooo touchy about that. Sheesh.

I'd show you the photos from the melee that ensued on our walk back home, but she will not let me touch those precious cameras.  Very touchy about that lens licking business she is.

She called me a criminal and put me on lockdown. I was crushed. Criminal is so harsh. Sigh.

She took away my Facebook. 

She took away my Facebook just when those fun Prois  Outdoor Sisterhood gals Kirtsti and Katherine start a contest between me and BunBun.

Is Medicine Mama nuts? BunBun is clearly going to take me on this one. There goes my shot at fame! BunBun still gets Facebook.

But I'm crafty, you have to be with the Medicine Mama.Let's just say looking after her afield presents some unique challenges and leave it at that. If I tell you some of those stories tonight I'll never get out of lockdown.  She's not too happy with me today. Ahem...

But being the crafty canine that I am I nosed when I brought her lap top to her.

She didn't lock me out of her blog! Score!

I kept taking her a pillow til she got the hint to get up from that darn desk and go to bed. I know when she's tired better than Madame WAAAAY TYPE A does.

I curled over her feet, I snuggled, and nosed, and nuzzled until her tight old muscles could relax, ...she had her bedtime tea and meds.

She is down for the count. I have prevailed!

Now help me out here humans, dogs, ducks, deer whoever or whatever you are. Go checkout the contest on the Prois facebook group and Vote for Willie!

Checkout all of Prois - they make the BEST outdoor and hunting apparel for women out there. I'm really glad my human gal wears it - not only does it work like it should, it fits like it should, and I am no longer embarrassed to be seen with Miss Messy Pants in left over, hand me down, ill fitting, camo. Thank heavens she finally caught on to Prois!


  1. This is kinda like the Kitty journal we did while taking care of the cat for the cousin in July. yeah that kitty got to do all sorts of things her human mistress didnt allow.. She read the journal when she got home and had a good laugh, she saved it too. :)

  2. Hmmmm..We may have to consider letting the other dogs have turn too - and to be fair and generous - Prois' BunBun LOL

  3. i guess old willie left out the part where you hit the dirt and his k9 friend hell hound starting eating on all that was there    but that may be a whole different story   ha

  4.'s me Willie - she's taking a nap...I'll tell that story..but not til after the Prois Contest.. they might think I'm keeping wierdo felonious company and kick me out! Let's keep it our secret for day or two okay?

  5. Willie, Comparing a dog to a bunny is really an apple to an orange, isn't it? I hope you can sneak on the computer more often and let us know what's really happening there in the Wild Women's world. Just don't drink any tea she makes you and also, watch out .... sniff your food, cuz that chica knows how to do all sorts of stuff with those herbs.

  6. Ms. Barb - I even sniff HER food..she's wily like a coyote some times. You can't be too careful with her. Personally - I think BunBun and I should be a team. I'm starting to like BunBun's snappy attitude :)

  7. Willie, I guess being called a criminal will teach you to mind when someone tells you what to do ! You know, those cute little girl dogs can get you into REAL trouble!
    Aunt Sue