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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Started....

It's officially started.. that segue into the fall and winter hunting seasons, when the household activities, the time schedules, and the body clocks reset themselves  for the upcoming months of harvesting .
I'm awakening even earlier each morning 0400 at the latest - coffee, check e mails, blogs,  need a sweater and warm fuzzy slippers on the hardwood floors. Packing snacks in the gear and blind bags while the dogs circle antsy. It's's started.
The pups wolf down their breakfast - Willie drags my boots to the desk -
Hurry UP  he seems to say- daylights coming.
The tote in the back of the car has been switched out from fishing gear, bowfishing arrows, and slingshots,  to rain gear, extra warm clothes, dog supplies, and fall mushroom hunting and root digging tools. Duck calls and a lanyard hang from the rear view  mirror now instead of a fish stringer.
Dark predawn drives to the hunt club - listening to NPR - and anxious to see and hug all the good men and women, boys and girls there. The warm and welcoming feeling walking into a club house fragrant with Chef Roy's breakfast of the day. Hugs all around, sweet coffee wafts through the air as camo clad hunters, playful retrievers, and wide eyed newcomers share friendship, fellowship, good news and bad. 
It's started.
And I am glad.


  1. Have a Terrific  Season!!!!! Me I have to go play on the big boat today.. All the leaf peepers are starting to arrive and clog the streets and shops in the village. Us locals like to see them come but LOVE to see them go, so we can have our peaceful village back.  :) Darby

  2. Oh Darby - I think the leaf peepers - although great economically for your area would indeed get a tiresome some times :) You have a great day Captain!