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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girls With Guns Make Good Friends!

One of the great things about being part of TeamWON, The Women's Outdoor News, and the bigger "Outdoor Sisterhood" is all of the wonderful, smart,  and talented outdoors  people that I've been blessed to become acquainted  with along way.

Girls With Guns Clothing are certainly no exception!They offer a fresh hip style of clothing that not only makes a statement, but does it with flair and fashion. 

While I might be just a little too long in the tooth and thick in the middle for some of their great creations, they look smashing on the younger set of outdoor sisters roaming about this household. What I do LIKE and LIKE a great deal, is the style of their hats! 

I especially appreciate that longer front bill, I'm always fighting sunlight in my eyes, and I need that shade! The other  part of the fantastic looking hats is they are classy looking. 

Never one to do much with a hairdo other than oh say a braid, bun  or pony tail, I live in a hat. Seriously ladies, a good hat hides a multitude of hair do fashion sins. I can clean up, go out, and look my best in one of the stylish GWG hats. Dare I even go so far as to say I look classy? 

This would be my pick - love the classy looking logo!

Well here's YOUR chance to win one of the classy good looking hats form Girls With Guns Clothing!

Our shooting friends from California and proprietors of Girls with Guns Clothing, Jen and Norissa, are offering a Girls with Guns’ brown trucker hat with its special logo to two winners. To win, pop on over to Women's Outdoor News and answer this question:

Where, other than the range or the woods, would you wear this hat to make a lifestyle statement that you promote the tradition of shooting in this country?

And, guys, you could wear this hat, too. And, don't forget to check out the other cool apparel and accessories – including the Sara Palin hat – as seen in her TV show. Yes, Sara's wearing the Girls with Guns bucket hat! Found only at Girls with Guns Clothing.

Deadline is midnight, Friday, Sept. 23. Winner will be chosen by  Winners will have the opportunity to be featured at Women’s Outdoor News in photos, wearing the hat, of course!

We're looking forward to reading where you would wear a Girls with Guns hat.


  1. Hey Gretchen...Norisa & Jen are our hometown girls. My wife has as full wardrobe including gun cases and travel luggage. It's pink camo and everyone asks where we got it. Great stuff!

  2. Everything I've seen of theirs looks sooo cool! Hometown gals to be proud of!

  3. These chicas have their fingers on the pulse of what's happening in this country. Not only are women taking to the shooting ranges and fields, woods and waterways, they also are demanding to live fashionably and tell the world about their lifestyle choices. Pro-choice for outdoor pursuits!