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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Dog Ladies

Just about a year ago a fat, yella, fella came into my life..Willie ..Will He? Officially named Steele's Golden Hoss Will He? Oh what will Will He Willie become?

In my heart and in my gut I know that he will come into his own. In  the very fiber of my being I just know that he is going to be the best companion, helper, entertainer, service, and working dog for me.

Although at his current 12 month old raging hormone, no brain cells, selective hearing, ain't life a party attitude, it can be difficult to hold that thought.

The  endless training saga however is beginning to beg the question - Is Willie a pea brained dunce with a poor short term memory like me or is he still just brainless a pup? Where is Willie's memory and retention some days?

Seems like if Willie and I don't train daily we lose ground. If I'm down for a week or two and we don't train, he reverts right back to "gee ain't life a party" mode.

What to do? Well, what you do when you have a question is you ask your knowledgeable dog friends, you know those "Outdoor Sisterhood" chick dog lady friends.

Friends like Deb West, Founder of BrownWater Dogs and The Pink Whistle Society, Owner/trainer/handler/breeder of HRC Grand dogs.

And friends like Gigi Strauss, owner of Rainforest Costal Labs, owner /trainer/ handler for beautiful, tender, loving, and joyous therapy dogs. Therapy dogs that are also damn fine hunting dogs; with their own stacks of HRC ribbons and awards.

These two gals epitomize my favorite Annie Oakley quote, " "Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy tramping across the country on a clear, frosty morning with a good gun and a pair of dogs does not know how to enjoy life." 

These dog ladies know thier stuff. They know dogs, training, the health, and souls of dogs. So we discussed, we thought, we came up with a plan .

The dog ladies are going to help me fix this business with Willie. They were quick and generous with their thoughts and knowledge. It was agreed all around that consistent daily training is key and that if I can't train because I'm out if commission or because I'm out if town; I need a partner who will train him for me. Luckily I think may have that part licked.

Stay tuned as the "Is Willie a pea brained dunce like me?" saga unfolds. Time will tell. As for me.. I think Willie's a pretty smart cookie.

To quote one of my favorite well known trainers, J Paul Jackson,  Owner of Lone Oak Retrievers, Host of Drake's Migration Nation, and Retriever Editor of Delta Waterfowl Magazine - "There ain't  nothing wrong with that dog - he just hasn't lived long enough yet. "


  1. Awesome Gretchen.  Proud to be mentioned!!

  2. I agree that he just hasn't lived long enough because they all learn at different paces and one day it will all come together and you will go WOW. There he is. Over night the change can take place.

  3. That is awesome. Love it. You are right about the ladies they are very knowledgable and will be of great help to you. I just wish I lived closer to them myself.

  4. Those to ladies are awesome! I have had the pleasure of meeting both of them. You too are an awsome lady. Don't sell yourself short. Let me know if you would like to come out an train sometime.

  5. How in the world can you not love a dog like Willie? I really enjoy reading about him. And, why don't you interview him sometime for us, Gretchen? What's life like with a Medicine Mama?

  6. You are most Welcome Deb - You are a great mentor for so many of us!

  7. Lordy I hope so! Truly I do believe that - that one day it's all going to just "click"

  8. They are both great gals aren't they? Both have been so willing to help me learn!

  9. Jeannie - I haven't met an HRC lady yet that isn't AWESOME!

  10. OH Ms. Babbs.. you feed that hounds ego you do... We'll just see if he'll cooperate and tell us a little tale here soon :)