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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Beauty of Waterfowl

Today at my "other" blog  - Through The Lens - graciously hosted by Heartland Outdoors; I had a little bit of a high speed come apart over the recent sentencing of Jeff Foiles, a "celebrity" waterfowl hunter who committed numerous and heinous violations of the fish and wildlife codes a both here in the United States and in Canada.

While there are many reasons why I'm angry about his sentencing - mostly it's the abject cruelty that he displayed to the waterfowl he "hunted" - and I'm using the term hunted loosely...very loosely in this case.

All I can say when I look at my collection of thousands of waterfowl photos  is "Why Jeff? WHY?!"

Even my joint custody retriever Piper wants to know Why Jeff ? WHY?


  1. Love the coot.

  2. Beautiful animals.  Jeff is bad bad bad.

  3. Thanks Reverend!

  4. Boy isn't that the truth Ms. Deb!

  5. Good post, Gretchen. The accounts of his behavior make me ill.

  6. Wow! Fantastic photos, Gretchen! I have a ways to go before I'm at this level! That first shot of the goose just above the water is my favorite! Thanks for visiting my blog, too. I appreciate it!