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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soon...Very Soon....

I've been hearing them almost a week now, just before the sun breaks over the field behind the house in the mornings, hard on their way to a mine lake. In the everings - a little more subdued, but with same soft swoosh and heralding honks as in the mornings. 

 The reeds and grasses are turning - quickly losing the shiny green of summer and fading into the reds and creams and browns.They are getting scratchy and starting to crackle a bit. 

The dogs are working hard every day. Eyes watching the sky - they are antsy, and restless, and ready to swim. 

Soon, very soon, it will be time. 


  1. well done love it!!!

  2. Thanks much Sam! I think waterfowl season is my most favorite of them all :)

  3. I don't even liked duck hunting but your pics make me want to go.