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Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Almost Time!

The Great Carp Caper grows near and I've been fussing and grumbling and in general throwing hints, using visual aids, and pinning notes to dear husbands shirt every day that I really need a new bowfishing bow. Seriously - I can't take folks like Stacey Houston, Barb Baird, Paige Eissinger, and Jody Narrantic out bowfishing with my ratty, hand me down, cobbled together, recurve.

They will have cameras. They will be sighing once again " that Gretchen..she's always so backwater, redneck, messy" and calling for wardrobe and make up!

Some how I've convinced them that I'm a great bowfisher (they'll learn soon enough, that I love to bowfish, but my skills - eh - could be better), and everyone knows a great bowfisher needs a great bow.

Since dear husband was not getting the message I took matters into my own hands, and gave Brian at Outdoors Experience a call. Outdoors Experience is a company that's widely known on the bowfishing circuit and also known for excellent  old fashioned one on one customer service.

Brian was ever so helpful when I explained to him that what I needed, and how many dollars I had to work with. Best of all, there was no talking down to me because I was a woman. 

It's not easy to fit a bow to my shrimpy 24 inch draw length, it's not easy to fit a bow for someone with strength and cordination issues from MS, nor is it easy to please a picky old lady like me, but Brian cheerfully came through with shining colors.

I also explained to Brian that TeamWON was  soon to be here in Southern Illinois for the Great Carp Caper- I fretted to him about shipping times.

Not to worry - he assured me; you'll have it  tomorrow.

TOMORROW??? Did he sense the urgency in my voice? Could he tell I was completely fed up with my old recurve?

Yes tomorrow - it arrived the next day in great shape and ready to go.  Now I have plenty of time before the Great Carp Caper to get the hang of using the new bow and the new prototype arrows that Cajun Archery , a Great Carp Caper sponsor,  was kind enough to send me to trial. The arrows are designed specifically for short draw lengths and light draw weights.

Arrow Precision bow outfitted with an AMS Retriever Reel, AMS roller rest, and Cajun Arrow -     

A quick trip to the creek last night and I was in love with the bow from the first shot - I was also impressed with the distance I got from the new arrows. Alas, daylight was fading,  so I didn't get to actually stick a fish, but I'm headed out the door now to give it a whirl!

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