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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Excited!

Ah yes - I'm excited because  things are beginning to fall in to place for the Great Carp Caper! I can put the Valium back in the medicine cabinet.

I've been a little stressed by this because I'm not great at organizing events - heck I'm not so great at organizing anything. I think I am lacking the organizational gene or something. I tend do my best at the last minute, under the gun, by the seat of my pants. 

But somehow- (probably all that chanting, praying and Barbie-Doo business ) The Great Carp Caper is coming together in rare form!

I'm  excited to hear that a few comrades from Illinois Bowfishers are making the trip down to assist with eradication efforts.

I am excited to hear that the Mayor has the Pirate Flag and Parrot ready for the Princess Party Barge

I am excited to have new boat captains volunteering left and right

Let's face it- I am just plain excited about the Great Carp Caper but most of all I'm excited to be seeing and spending time outdoors with TeamWON! 

Ladies - let the arrows fly and the carp die!


  1. Can't wait to see everyone!

  2. me either Jody - it's going to be such a hoot!