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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bye Bye Barbie-Doo!

Barbie-Doo with a bad dye job and even worse extensions

Surely by now you've heard the mentions and murmurings about Barbie-Doo. My friend Jody Narantic and fellow Carp Caper participant, pens The Hunters Wife. Jody and Barbie -Doo were a big part of the Great Carp Caper, we had days of fun at Barbie-Doo's expense.

Then things started getting a little ugly with Barbie-Doo. Barbie -Doo started fighting back. By the end of the Carp Caper, the rallying cry when anything went awry- and trust me plenty went awry - was "Blame it on Barbie-Doo!!"

Barbie-Doo apparently doesn't playing the blame game and she vanished during the Carp Caper. It might have been the snake photo shoot Stacey Houston set up that was the straw that broke Barbie-Doo's back. But suddenly - Barbie -Doo was MIA.
Stacey setting up Barbie-Doo for her snake photo shoot

Truthfully - after all the commotion and difficulties she caused during the Carp Caper - I wasn't too sad to see Barbie-Doo gone. I decided she made a return trip to The Opera House Cafe in Sesser, IL where we ate our supper during the Carp Caper. The HAUNTED Opera House, with the ongoing paranormal investigation. Yep that seemed like a likely crowd for Barbie-Doo to hang out with instead of the Elite Carp Tactical Team from Women's Outdoor News.

Then early Saturday morning as I was packing up to head out for more carp killing fun at the BAI Muzzy Flurospar Benefit Bowfishing Tournament in Rosiclare, IL
The  anonymous tip I received about MIA Barbie-Doo

I got word that Barbie-Doo had been sighted in the neighborhood. She had a bad dye job, and even worse extensions, but an eagle eyed bowfishing chica fan of The Hunter's Wife broke Broke Barbie-Doo's cover.
Our brave anonymous tipster

Yep there she was, hanging out on Slew Rat Bowfishing's team boat. The team and boat I was shooting with for this tournament. 

Gasp - on the control panel of Slew Rat's Boat!

Joining in a little fun with Slew Rat Bowfishing

Having way too much fun with the rare Foam Nose Gar

Barbie-Doo tried.. oh that evil pissed chick in pink capris tried to ruin everyone's night with horrific storms, boat failures, scary moments- but what she didn't count on was how tough we bowfisher chicas are. We take no crap from the carp and we weren't taking any from Barbie-Doo.

The Dancing Arrow Divas decided to solve this Barbie-Doo Problem once and for all.
Using one of our best Dancing Arrow Diva pink arrows, a little hippie themed duct tape, and sheer will, we sent Barbie - Doo sailing into the Ohio River with my pink "Barbie" Bow.

Preparing Barbie-Doo for take off

Any last words Barbie-Doo?

But that damned Barbie- Doo; she had the last word. No one's video or photos of the launching of Barbie came out. None. Zero. Zip.

Best we got was Barbie- Doo floating away....

Bye Bye Barbie-Doo; you and your cursed self can now be fish food!


  1. She's probably catfish fodder by now.

  2. lol Poor Barbie.

  3. I was there to personally witness the launching of Barbie.. :)

  4. one can only hope....

  5. Thank heavens we have a witness - or I'd swear she put a spell on us and I hallucinated the whole thing LOL

  6. We have an eerie feeling that Barbie-Doo will reappear somewhere in the great outdoors. I'm betting on New Orleans.

  7. Barbie-Doo needs a new adventure coordinator...she should be Alaska this week followed by an extended trip to the Rockies (however long it takes to see the Aspens turn gold and hear the leaves rustle!) Then she can come to Branson for the SEOPA conference (Oct. 5-8), then settle down South for deer hunting, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  8. Lisa - I have an odd feeling we haven't heard the last of Barbie-Doo :) wonder where she will float to next? LOL