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Monday, June 27, 2011

Up Big Rocky Holler

Yes, I know I should have spelled hollow correctly, but around my neighborhood, they are hollers..not hollows.
They are draws, and cuts, and they are beautiful. They hold rare ferns and wildflowers, still growing in large numbers because most folks can't be troubled to go back up the holler too far. There are crawdads, and toads, and frogs..little fishes in the pools. Salamanders abound under the rocks and damp,  rotting, fallen logs. It's a place of beauty and wonder a place to heal your heart and head. Most of all it's protected now, and Mr. Peabody's coal train won't haul it away.

Join me for a walk up the Big Rocky Holler creek won't you?

Big Rocky Hollow Creek  

Nearing the beginning of the creek and the end of the hollow

My hiking partner,  second shooter, and best friend Adam and  I

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