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Friday, May 6, 2011

Take a Kid Fishing!

There's no better time than spring when the fish are spawning to take a child fishing. Yesterday my little pal "Tater" and I decided that fishing would be way more fun than just "going to the woods" . I have to admit I rather steered him in that direction due to the fact that most of the woods in our area are still either under water or  pretty muddy, soggy, messes. Great fun for a 4 year old yes.. not so much fun for Mom when I take Mr. MudBall home.

So of we went to the neighbors lake to see if, as Tater would say "We can catch some BIIIIG fish" .Some of my favorite outdoor memories as a child involve fishing the "bluegill beds" and being able to pretty much just drop in a hook and pull out a fish. Do you remember theexcitement of a hard fighting bluegill that  felt like you had whale on then end of your line?

I'm hoping that Tater will - he caught crappie, he caught bass, and of course he caught bluegill. Along with that came fiddling with plants, a mole the resident lake dogs unearthed, chasing frogs, and most of all that feeling of satisfaction that comes with " I caught it all by myself".

Trust me when I tell you that you will have far more fun than you could imagine when you take a kid fishing.
Illinois DNR has a great page on their website to help families get started fishing together.  Fear not if you are childless, just look around the neighborhood and you'll have no problem finding some great young person to show you all over again how joyous a good day fishing can be!

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