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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Inspiration comes in many forms, but when I recieved the news about my friend and fellow bowfisher's big carp, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Sharon Trame AKA Mombie and I met stalking the tailwaters and creeks around Rend Lake in Southern Illinois- mostly we caught each others eye from across a creek..not too many women are bowfishing yet..and even fewer of us are the wading and stalking on foot type.

Through her son Glenn - a true hot shot with a sling shot - Sharon and I got to know each other.  a few months back Sharon was diagnosed with several brain aneurysms that required a lengthy and possibly fatal surgery. The road to recovery has not been easy, filled with many neurological battles to fight and skills to relearn, but Sharon vowed she would shoot fish again.

I'm sharing the note and photo from her husband
4 days short of 4 months since her brain surgery, Mombie decided she had had enough. No more waiting and watching other people shoot fish. She got out her bow, and cut the weight down to about 35 pounds, hoping she would be good for 2 maybe 3 shots. Packed up the kid, and headed out to cypress view on Rend. We got to our spot and within minutes saw a school of carp swim by, about 3 foot deep. Shot number 1 and no hit. After clearing the weeds from the barbs, I looked up and saw the wavy fin of a huge grinnel heading our way following the way of the carp. A lot of strain with shot 2 and still no fish. I asked if she had one more shot left in her and the look I got told me to shut up and start looking. So, I did. Nothing, nothing and more nothing. About 15 minutes of nothing, we looked down the bank and saw this HUGE v coming right at us. It got about 30 feet away, and disappeared. Almost immediately this log popped up 10 feet in front of us, but this log had fins and shiny scales. It layed there like it was enjoying the sunshine. After 2 tries, Mombie got the arrow back, and let er rip. At the hit, the buff stayed on the surface, never once going down and beached itself right at our feet. Talk about luck, we had a good dose of it that day. Scales read 33 pounds 15 ozs. Her biggest buff so far and probably for the rest of her life. Again, we owe all of our SILO (Southern Illinois Outdoors)  friends thanks, for without their prayers, Mombie might not have ever been able to shoot another fish. Thanks all.

For me, the thanks goes to Mombie - she inspires me every day  to keep getting out there despite the difficulties that MS gives me, despite the fact that there aren't many women bowfishers yet, despite the fact that we aren't as young as we used to be.

In fact, at a  recent bowfishing tournament we compared canes.. mine has carp on it but hers has the niftiest flashlight in the handle.We SILO gals are tough..and Mombie keeps me on my toes and has been a great mentor for bowfishing, who knew she'd end up being my inspiration for life in general?

If Mombie can do it- so can I!!!

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