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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the Nick of Time!

I wrote last week in my blog Through the Lens over at Heartland Outdoors about the wonderful gift from Prois fairies. As I marveled at the fit, construction, and functionality of my new Prois Eliminator Rain Jacket it was in the high 80's, hot and humid. I wished outloud for a rainy day to give my new gear a try.

Much to the consternation of every farmer and flood victim in the state my wish came true Saturday morning when it dawned a chilly 47 degrees with high gusting winds and off and on rain that ranged from drizzle to downpour.

My partner in crime Adam Rutkowski, a guide at Silver Creek Kennels and Hunt Club and I had plans for crappie fishing the club's lake and foraging for asparagus.This was going to be a great way to test out the jacket!

My husband pronounced me a hard core lunatic as I dashed out the door snug in my Prois Eliminator Jacket in hopes of good harvest of both crappie and asparagus.

We are getting towards the end of the season for asparagus here, but I was still able to harvest close to a pound of the delectable fresh green spears. Although the wind was howling, and the rain was beginning to feel like little needles  and my companion kept complaining about how cold and wet he was getting, I was warm and dry. I could certainly tell where my jacket ended and my regular pants started - under my jacket dry as dust, my jeans, cold and wet. I've got to have a pair of  The Eliminator pants next. Wading through the tall weeds to  get to the tiny hiding spears  of asparagus left my pant legs soaked. 

After we'd finished up gathering the aspargus, checking on the gosling population, and nosing around for the fox kits we knew lived close by the Silvercreek Hunt Club Lake, we decided in spite of the howling wind and rain to try our hand at crappie fishing. Despite the nasty weather, that frequently sent my partner running for cover in the truck, I was able to stay lake side and land 11 good sized slab crappie.

The rain made grabbing photos difficult, because I didn't to expose my equipment to all that moisture...frankly I wishing that Prois made camera storm sacks out of the same technologically advanced materials as the Eliminator coat. If had one of those I'd really be in business!

Adam did snap this quick shot of me braving the rain and cold to chase crappie while were out.

Prois - how did I ever live without it? They aren't kidding at Prois when they say it's all about form, fit, and function - I finally had a piece of outdoor wear that fit properly, had a multiple  features, such as the duck tail in the back, adjustable cuffs on the sleeves ( Making it easy to push them up and out of the way while I was standing in the rain cleaning the crappie), and pockets that zipped shut and kept my essentials from tumbling out as I climbed the banks cutting asparagus. The cinch in the hood made it easy to adjust the hood over my hat. Most of all it kept me warm and dry and I was able to fish longer, forage longer and spend a day outdoors that without the Prois Elimnator Rain Jacket I would have spent inside grumbling about the weather! .


  1. This jacket is one of my favorite pieces of gear, and I call my camo "gear" because it must work with me in the outdoors to achieve goals.

  2. This jacket is one of my favorite pieces of gear, and I call my camo "gear" because it must work with me in the outdoors to achieve goals.