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Monday, March 24, 2014

Enough is Enough – Time For A New Direction!

As many of you can tell, it’s been a day or two (heck a month or two ) since I last posted. I guess you could say I fell off the blog bus.

It was simple when I finally sat down at looked at what was happening in my life – I was too busy doing things for everyone else to attend to my own blogs, websites etc. 

While I’ve been shuffling around exhausted and crabby trying to be all things to all people, the things that I really love have seemingly fallen by the way side, and I can assure you it’s readily apparent in my photographs.

It’s been readily apparent in my writing work for others as well.

Just about the time I was finishing up my plan/outline/goal for some spring cleaning and revamping of my so called career as an outdoor communicator , a post from my friend and colleague Carrie Zylka popped into my mail box. 

Carrie’s post was the punch in the face I needed. Time to put me first, time to do what I love, and let the cards fall where they may. 

I didn’t set out to be an “outdoor communicator” and certainly not one with a following, and for heaven’s sake – FANS. All I really wanted to do was take pretty pictures, show folks what they were missing by staying inside, and pen the occasional educational piece or inflammatory opinion piece.
I’ve now found myself at that “go big or go home” stage of things. I’m not going home, but I’m not really going big either.  I am perfectly happy being the “big fsh in a small pond” Heck, I am happy being the carp in the birdbath.

After plenty of consulting with (okay wailing and gnashing of teeth) some outdoor industry colleagues whom I value and respect, I’ve developed a plan of action and some changes that will be starting in April.  I’m not going away – just working smarter rather than harder and most importantly, putting my work, my business, my time ahead of others. 

For instance – I love sharing my photos of the outdoors, but why was I basically just throwing them up on Facebook and Twitter rather than posting them here? Why was I driving traffic to facebook vs my own site? Beats me. Maybe because it’s fast and easy. Maybe because I get more feedback from a facebook post? Honestly I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that beginning April 1 – photos will be put on my blog (s) and then sent to facebook. Twitter and other social media arenas. 

Beginning April first – I’ll be saying no more often, and a few places will have to understand that the phrase “We’d love to use your work, but we can’t pay you.” means you won’t be using my work. I tried that line with Ameren, but they just didn’t feel so flattered about me choosing them as an electric provider that they would give me electricity for free. 

Lest you think I’ve become entirely too mercenary – that’s  not the case. I’ve just found holes in my business model and my life plan that were sinking the proverbial ship. Essentially I have just given myself permission to do what works for me rather than spinning my wheels and worrying about how I might not be as prolific, as widely published, and highly sought after as other women in the outdoor communicator world.  I am me, and I am enough! 

So I have a new plan, new goals, and I’m feeling better physically and emotionally after coming to these decisions.

If you haven’t subscribed to this blog, you might consider it so you don’t miss out on any of the photos and articles that lie ahead. Personally I have a good feeling that the best is out there on the horizon  and my work will only be even better now that I’ve freed myself up to do what I do best – wander.  


Smart moves Gretchen.

Always, always, put things up as posts then put the link to the post on facebook, or wherever else you want. But always link to the blog.

And I sure thought I was subscribed, but not getting notices. I gotta go fix something.
Hey, that's the problem. Give me a Subscribe via Email option. I don't see one and that's the only way I do it.

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