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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Perfect Baselayer! The WoolX X-Plorer - Soft, Silky, Warm, Merino Wool

When my friends at Wool X and Hanks Clothing (one of my favorite places to find quality outdoor wear) offered me an opportunity to try the WoolX line of base layers I jumped on it. I have long been a fan of wool – call me old fashioned, but I’ve just found wool to be one of the best materials for outdoors in the winter.

What I have never liked about wool is the scratchy, stinky, shrunken mess it often becomes. Dry itchy winter skin is not improved by slapping rough scratchy wool on top of one's most sensitive areas!
Enter the WoolX line of super soft – soft and silky feeling merino wool products. 

WoolX generously supplied me with one of the WoolX Midweight Women’s X-Plorer tops. Right out of the package I was taken. Since it arrived on a bitterly cold, snowy, day I immediately shed the fleece top I was wearing and slipped into the soothing softness of the WoolX X-Plorer shirt.  Yes you heard me – soothing, soft, and silky; words usually not used to describe a wool top.

The feminine cut was flattering, and true to size. Needless to say I have been wearing this shirt nearly daily all winter. Unlike other wool products that require dry cleaning, hand washing, and lots of other fiddling and futzing to care for them,  (No one has time for that foolishness!) the WoolX X-Plorer is remarkably durable and easy to care for. A toss into the washer on cold and a quick trip through the dryer on low and it’s ready to go. No shrinkage, no pilling; it pops out of the dryer looking just as good as the day I took it out of the package.  (I’m talking washing nearly every night for over two months so I can wear it the next day!)

This merino wool shirt for women is a midweight 200g/m2 piece that is perfect for walking on those brisk mornings. Whether you are headed to blind to waterfowl hunt, or headed to the office from the train platform this is an ideal addition to your winter wardrobe.   Available in absolutely beautiful berry and black this is a shirt you want in your closet!  This shirt is the perfect weight for an active women outdoors. It keeps you warm, but doesn’t cause a cold clammy sweaty feeling when your body begins to heat up from activity. 

The specs for the WoolX Midweight X-Plorer:

  • ·         100% Australian Merino Wool --- The softest wool on the planet
  • ·         18.5 Micron wool
  • ·         230 g/m2 interlock construction
  • ·         Multi season daily wear shirt
  • ·         Feminine shaped front princess seams for an amazing fit and extra comfort
  • ·         Slight back drop hem
  • ·         3" cuffs on the arms
  • ·         Gorgeous neck shape
  • ·         Washable -- dryable -- no shrinkage
  • ·         Superior wicking to keep you dry and stay warm

Toasty warm in sub zero temps thanks to the Woolx Midweight

  X-Plorer base layer !
Lest you think this shirt is only a base layer and only for the outdoors, its attractive cut, stylish design, and obvious quality make it a great winter top for those chilly offices and meeting rooms as well. Jazz it up a smidgen with a nice piece of jewelry or an eye catching scarf and you are all set to stay warm and comfortable at work as well as at play.  

Since this year’s arctic weather patterns have revealed every single draft in my old house, and it would cost a king’s ransom to adequately heat this drafty place I have even utilized the WoolX Midweight X-Plorer as a pajama top. It truly is that soft, that comfortable. 

This shirt makes a great travel companion as well due its versatility and ease of care. Since my winter travel entails not only cold outdoor activities but also business meetings with clients following a day afield, this shirt serves double duty. It keeps me toasty warm afield and looks classy and works well in a business setting after shedding my camo hunting attire. It can be rinsed out easily in a hotel sink and quickly dries overnight. 

No matter what takes you outdoors during cold weather, this is a base layer you want in your bag of tricks for staying active, warm and stylish!

To learn more about the full line of WoolX products please visit WoolX.com or Hanks Clothing!


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