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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The River's Divide – An Unconventional and Visually Rich Hunting Film.

Let me make a confession – in general I detest hunting and angling videos, TV shows etc. The video and film work is often iffy at best, and most are simply a series of kill shots, thinly disguised infomercials, and little too much ego stroking of the so called stars. Frankly, I can watch the whispering, high fiving, and shaking when a big buck approaches most any day during whitetail season. Call me inquisitive, but I want to know MORE. Most hunting footage leaves me longing for more of a back story, somewhat of a true story line and plot vs. “Me and Bubba shot a big deer”. 

Luckily, I was offered an opportunity to screen TheRivers Divide – a full length  film that encompasses one man’s two year journey into North Dakota's hostile and inhospitable Badlands in the quest of a Boone & Crockett whitetail buck labeled "Steve", I agreed but not without a little trepidation. However one glimpse at the trailer and I knew I wanted to see the full length film, and that this was different from any other hunting film I had ever viewed.

SICMANTA PRESENTS: Donnie Vincent's The River's Divide | Trailer from Sicmanta on Vimeo.

The River’s Divide, is a 46-minute film headlining the FullDraw Film Tour, a series of feature-length bow hunting films shown in theaters across the West this summer.

The story-telling style, cinematography, and overall production quality is the best I've seen, anywhere. Period. The cinematography alone makes this film worth watching. Visually rich, with excellent and artistic looks at the tiniest of details, details  that in all actuality are the biggest part of a hunt for many of us, the film succeeds in showing us an intimate look at every facet of a bow hunting journey.  

The intense emotional ups and downs that hunter Donnie Vincent faces during his two year quest to bag a magnificent whitetail that he has come to call Steve, are fierce, real and moving. I especially appreciated Vincent’s raw and honest sharing of the host of emotions that surface during such a hunt.  

Vincent and Scimanta Media  do an excellent job of balancing his often obsessive,  determined, pursuit of one single buck that he has come to call Steve, and his clear love of the harsh and often inhospitable  Badlands where he has chosen to hunt . The film is filled with gorgeous looks at the country where Vincent spent two years living and breathing the hunt for Steve. Unlike most films, it is not simply a reel full of success and kills. It’s a true film with a stark and frank look at the disappointments and difficulties many hunters face prior to a successful harvest. 

I actually viewed the film several times, because it is THAT GOOD.  

The Rivers Divide was available for viewing at the Full Draw Film Tour events. Sadly, they were all limited to the Western area of our country. I am certainly campaigning to have the film tour extended into the Midwest – If The Rivers Divide is a sample of the quality of the films in this tour; I want to see them all. Until the tour makes it to the Midwest I will have to be content with waiting on the release of the DVD containing the Highlights of the 2013 film tour. 

For More information visit
Full Draw Film Tour http://fulldrawfilmtour.com/

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


No matter what summer outdoor activity you enjoy; pounding the trails on your mountain bike, dropping your line in your favorite fishing hole, bowfishing for carp and big gar, hiking the sweltering trails, or taking aim at the range, you’ll want your clothing to keep up in fit, function and performance.

The Prois Turas Sleeveless shirt is my favorite bowfishing attire - added bonus, carp slime rinses right out!

The  Próis Turas™ Sleeveless shirt has you covered on all counts and will quickly become your favorite piece of clothing you throw on or cram in your bag on your way outside.

The Próis Turas Sleeveless shirt was created with the active female lifestyle in mind, complete with a compilation of versatile features that cross the best of both worlds in style and function. Crafted from sturdy 100% polyester wicking fabric, (the coolest and most comfortable fabric I’ve found on those sweltering summer days!) this carefully engineered garment is built for ease of movement and lightweight comfort. A perfect shirt for when the going gets rough on the trail, or when you need to stay cool and keep on trekking. Plus, since itʼs designed and made by women for women, the shirts athletic cut and form -fitting style makes for a perfect fit on any female for any adventure. A cut that I might add is very flattering to any figure type. 

The white style not only looks cool and summery - It feels cool!

As its name implies (Turas is actually Gaelic for journey), the Próis Turas™ Sleeveless shirt was engineered for traveling. I especially love the ingenious wrinkle free fabric, that allows the shirt to be crammed, stuffed and rolled into the nooks and crannies of your bag, (I’ve stuffed mine in a boot!) and come out the other side looking like new. And since it’s made for the active female who does it all with little time to spare, the Próis Turas Sleeveless shirt is a  dream to care for.  Another of it’s winning points with me is the ability to rinse it out and have it quickly dry and be ready the next adventure in no time. 

It comes in a wide range of sizes (from XS to XL) and is made in three sharp color combinations: black with pink accents, white with black accents and navy with white accents. So whether you’re going for a run or sightseeing for the day, this is the perfect companion for looking sharp while you’re staying active in the heat of summer. 

Don’t miss out on some great summer savings! The Prois Turas Sleeveless shirt is currently on sale for $25.00 – Ten bucks off the regular price of $35.00! Click here to order yours today! 

The Próis Turas Sleeveless shirt is additionally available through a variety of retail locations.For more information about the Próis Turas Sleeveless  shirt or to learn more about the Próis innovative line of serious, high performance hunting, outdoor, and field apparel and  gear for real women, contact: Próis Hunting & Field Apparel, 28001B US West Highway 50,Gunnison, CO 81230,
Phone (970) 641- 3355, Or visit www.próishunting.com.

* Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, the products reviewed in this product review is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by "in-kind" payment to review the product.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

St. John’s Wort – Gather Now for Winter Use

Having spent the last week bowfishing, trolling slowly along the creek edges I had the opportunity to find many stands of the gorgeous sunny yellow St. Johns Wort that is blooming throughout Southern Illinois right now. Harvesting the flowers from the boat kept me from having to slog through the tick and poison ivy infested creek bottoms.

shrubby st. john's wort blossom

Traditionally, herbalists and foragers would gather St. John’s Wort  around the Summer Solstice, especially on St. John’s day, when the days are longest and the sun is at its peak; presumably to capture the summer sun and essence for the winter months ahead. Here however, the peak bloom time tends to be early July. 

Trolling the shoreline also made berry picking easier - lots of dewberries mixed in with the St. John's Wort.

Multiple Medicinal Properties

The most commonly known medicinal property of St. John’s is its use for depression, especially seasonal depression in the depths of winter.  One of St. John’s Wort’s key properties is photo sensitizing; meaning it literally allows us to absorb more light.  This could be why so many people find that it helps to alleviate seasonal affective disorder or winter blues. Regular use of St. John’s Wort has also been proven to naturally boost serotonin levels, assisting to generate overall feelings of happiness and well-being that help to alleviate depression.

St. John’s Wort also has use as external medicine, as a time honored remedies for soothing and healing skin, including burns, wounds, sprains, and bruises.  St. John’s Wort will help to relieve pain and discomfort as well as speed the healing process for skin injuries and irritations.

Harvesting St. John’s Wort

The flowers are at their peak for harvesting just as the buds begin to open. This makes for an occasionally short harvest period. One method for deciding if the buds are at an optimal period for harvest is to pinch the flower between your fingers; the buds and flowers are ready for harvest if a small bit of purple “sap” squirts out.

Make a Tincture for Winter

If you know you are subject to mild seasonal depression, or just want the added boost to avoid those winter blahs, summer is the time to make your St. John’s Wort tincture so that you have plenty on hand for the dreary winter days that seem so far away. 

Needed Supplies:

  • Quart size canning jar with lid and ring
  • A good quality 80-Proof Vodka
  • Fresh St. John’s Wort Flowers

Tincture Making Process

1 – For best results, allow the fresh flowers to wilt somewhat before preparing the tincture. Usually this is accomplished within a 1-2 hour time frame.

2 – Pack the wilted flowers into the clean and sterilized jar, leaving 2-3 inches of head space.

3 – Pour alcohol into the jar, being sure the flowers are completely covered by 2-3 inches.  If it appears the flowers aren’t completely covered during the aging process, add more alcohol to insure they remain covered.

4 – Steep/soak the mixture in cool dark place for 4-6 weeks shaking the jar daily. 

5 – Strain the plant material from the liquid and put into a tincture bottle.  Alternately you may re jar in a newly clean and sterilized jar.  Label and date. The tincture will keep well throughout the winter when stored in a cool dark place or refrigerated.

Using St. John’s Wort Tincture: 
To be effective, this tincture must be taken regularly.  To use, take 1/2 – 1 tsp. daily. St. John’s Wort can take some time to become fully effective effect (about 3-4 weeks of regular use), so exercise patience.

*As with any home prepared or herbal remedy it is imperative that one consult with their health care provider to insure that there are no contraindications for use, or possible interactions with prescription medicines. Although St. John’s can be very effective for depression, please remember that it is generally only recommended for mild depression.  If you experience moderate to severe depression, or are currently taking prescription anti-depressants please contact your health care provider prior to taking St. John’s Wort.*

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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