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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The River's Divide – An Unconventional and Visually Rich Hunting Film.

Let me make a confession – in general I detest hunting and angling videos, TV shows etc. The video and film work is often iffy at best, and most are simply a series of kill shots, thinly disguised infomercials, and little too much ego stroking of the so called stars. Frankly, I can watch the whispering, high fiving, and shaking when a big buck approaches most any day during whitetail season. Call me inquisitive, but I want to know MORE. Most hunting footage leaves me longing for more of a back story, somewhat of a true story line and plot vs. “Me and Bubba shot a big deer”. 

Luckily, I was offered an opportunity to screen TheRivers Divide – a full length  film that encompasses one man’s two year journey into North Dakota's hostile and inhospitable Badlands in the quest of a Boone & Crockett whitetail buck labeled "Steve", I agreed but not without a little trepidation. However one glimpse at the trailer and I knew I wanted to see the full length film, and that this was different from any other hunting film I had ever viewed.

SICMANTA PRESENTS: Donnie Vincent's The River's Divide | Trailer from Sicmanta on Vimeo.

The River’s Divide, is a 46-minute film headlining the FullDraw Film Tour, a series of feature-length bow hunting films shown in theaters across the West this summer.

The story-telling style, cinematography, and overall production quality is the best I've seen, anywhere. Period. The cinematography alone makes this film worth watching. Visually rich, with excellent and artistic looks at the tiniest of details, details  that in all actuality are the biggest part of a hunt for many of us, the film succeeds in showing us an intimate look at every facet of a bow hunting journey.  

The intense emotional ups and downs that hunter Donnie Vincent faces during his two year quest to bag a magnificent whitetail that he has come to call Steve, are fierce, real and moving. I especially appreciated Vincent’s raw and honest sharing of the host of emotions that surface during such a hunt.  

Vincent and Scimanta Media  do an excellent job of balancing his often obsessive,  determined, pursuit of one single buck that he has come to call Steve, and his clear love of the harsh and often inhospitable  Badlands where he has chosen to hunt . The film is filled with gorgeous looks at the country where Vincent spent two years living and breathing the hunt for Steve. Unlike most films, it is not simply a reel full of success and kills. It’s a true film with a stark and frank look at the disappointments and difficulties many hunters face prior to a successful harvest. 

I actually viewed the film several times, because it is THAT GOOD.  

The Rivers Divide was available for viewing at the Full Draw Film Tour events. Sadly, they were all limited to the Western area of our country. I am certainly campaigning to have the film tour extended into the Midwest – If The Rivers Divide is a sample of the quality of the films in this tour; I want to see them all. Until the tour makes it to the Midwest I will have to be content with waiting on the release of the DVD containing the Highlights of the 2013 film tour. 

For More information visit
Full Draw Film Tour http://fulldrawfilmtour.com/


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