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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


No matter what summer outdoor activity you enjoy; pounding the trails on your mountain bike, dropping your line in your favorite fishing hole, bowfishing for carp and big gar, hiking the sweltering trails, or taking aim at the range, you’ll want your clothing to keep up in fit, function and performance.

The Prois Turas Sleeveless shirt is my favorite bowfishing attire - added bonus, carp slime rinses right out!

The  Próis Turas™ Sleeveless shirt has you covered on all counts and will quickly become your favorite piece of clothing you throw on or cram in your bag on your way outside.

The Próis Turas Sleeveless shirt was created with the active female lifestyle in mind, complete with a compilation of versatile features that cross the best of both worlds in style and function. Crafted from sturdy 100% polyester wicking fabric, (the coolest and most comfortable fabric I’ve found on those sweltering summer days!) this carefully engineered garment is built for ease of movement and lightweight comfort. A perfect shirt for when the going gets rough on the trail, or when you need to stay cool and keep on trekking. Plus, since itʼs designed and made by women for women, the shirts athletic cut and form -fitting style makes for a perfect fit on any female for any adventure. A cut that I might add is very flattering to any figure type. 

The white style not only looks cool and summery - It feels cool!

As its name implies (Turas is actually Gaelic for journey), the Próis Turas™ Sleeveless shirt was engineered for traveling. I especially love the ingenious wrinkle free fabric, that allows the shirt to be crammed, stuffed and rolled into the nooks and crannies of your bag, (I’ve stuffed mine in a boot!) and come out the other side looking like new. And since it’s made for the active female who does it all with little time to spare, the Próis Turas Sleeveless shirt is a  dream to care for.  Another of it’s winning points with me is the ability to rinse it out and have it quickly dry and be ready the next adventure in no time. 

It comes in a wide range of sizes (from XS to XL) and is made in three sharp color combinations: black with pink accents, white with black accents and navy with white accents. So whether you’re going for a run or sightseeing for the day, this is the perfect companion for looking sharp while you’re staying active in the heat of summer. 

Don’t miss out on some great summer savings! The Prois Turas Sleeveless shirt is currently on sale for $25.00 – Ten bucks off the regular price of $35.00! Click here to order yours today! 

The Próis Turas Sleeveless shirt is additionally available through a variety of retail locations.For more information about the Próis Turas Sleeveless  shirt or to learn more about the Próis innovative line of serious, high performance hunting, outdoor, and field apparel and  gear for real women, contact: Próis Hunting & Field Apparel, 28001B US West Highway 50,Gunnison, CO 81230,
Phone (970) 641- 3355, Or visit www.próishunting.com.

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