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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Packin' Up My Prois

I'm busy packing up my Prois and getting ready to hit the road this weekend  for some great  fun with  the Bootheel Boss Gobblers NWTF chapter. The ladies from the chapter generously invited me along for their 4th Annual Ladies Bird Hunt at Muddy River Shooting Preserve  in Wolf Lake, Illinois.

Sara Bradshaw, The WITO coordinator for this chapter, does a super job of putting together many fun events for the ladies - and this is one of my favorites!

From one of the fun ladies waterfowl hunts that Sara (bottom right)  organized

While other gals worry about  the right pair of shoes for every ensemble when they pack, I make sure I have the right hunting and outdoor apparel. A job made infinitely easier by Prois Hunting and Field Apparel. 

If by chance you've been living under a rock and don't know about Prois - they are the premiere manufacturer of women's hunting, field, and shooting apparel. Prois is solely for the ladies. Sorry guys - we know how much you like the quality, the fit, the durability of Prois but it's just for us gals in the gang  Prois  apparel is made with  three thoughts in mind, fit, form and function.

What am I packing for this weekend? Let's see, of course since it's an upland hunt, I need blaze orange - so of course you'll see me sporting my toasty warm Reversible Sherpa vest and my cuddly soft blaze beanie.

It's that crazy time of year so who knows what the weather will bring. Whatever mother nature throws at me, I'll have it covered thanks to the fine  selection of hunting apparel from Prois. I'll certainly be packing my Extreme Coat and pants; they are perfect on cold snowy wet days. Warm, water resistant and of course all the special little features  that all Prois garments have.

When I'm heading out , my suitcase never leaves the house with a full selection of the Prois shirts - they are the perfect  piece for a busy outdoor woman! I wrote about what perfect travel partners they make in this post .

Then there's the pants - again it's iffy time of year; one day it may a balmy 60 degrees and inside of an hour it's 30 degrees and sleeting. That means I'll be putting both my Gen X Pants and my Pro Edition Pants in the mix.  The Gen X pants are my "wear almost every single day in the cooler/colder months" pants. The cozy fleece lining makes them toasty warm, and the weather proof exterior keeps me dry slogging around the river bottoms.  The Pro Edition Pants are my go to pants in the warmer months. Same great fit and form as the Gen X, but a bit lighter weight and truly an all season pant.

If you are an active outdoors woman that spends every available moment afield - Prois is the line for for you! Made to fit the female form, durable, packable, and full of features that make hunting, angling, hiking - any outdoor activity a pleasure Prois meets and exceeds  every outdoor woman's needs for quality outdoor and field apparel!


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