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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Swans, Snows, and Solstice

While others in my life scurry about hanging red and green, arranging Santas and snowmen, elves and reindeer,  I am thinking of  blue and white, the magic of Solstice, when the promise of a new year filled with longer light filled days skitters  across my conciousnes. I will always associate Solstice with the brilliant cobalt blue of winter skies and water, the blindingly bright white of  snow geese and swans. Each year, the internal compasses and clocks that the birds have sends them winging over head along the Mississippi flyway.
I stand in the wee dark hours of December's full moon and listen. My heart beats in time with the wings over head -  it's time... it's time. My own internal clock and compass are tuned to the upcoming Solstice, the lengthening of days, the promise of sunlight and spring. As I shiver a little,  the caconphany of squeals, squawks, and whistles  filters in,  huge skiens of snow geese  high flying over head headed for open water and winter wheat fields. The low odd trumpets and thunderous wing beats of the swans- also heading for any patch of open water and green food they can find.

My heart is lifted with each wing beat. I know that I have survived another year. Four more seasons in the forests and the fields, in the woods, and on the water have passed. I have  learned more, experienced more, lived more. Life is good.

I listen closely, scanning the moonlit skies for which direction they are heading, second guessing where they will cup their wings, lower their feet and become creatures of the earth and water instead of the clouds and skies.

Daylight will be here soon.. I load up gear, dogs, and extra warm clothes and head out.. chasing the birds, following  natures blue and white themed map to the promises of Solstice. Where will they land this morning? Will I be there when they hit  the water? Will I be there when the ones already there have morning lift off? Will my spirit be carried up away by the thousands of wings?

I think so.

Happy holidays everyone - I'm going to chase birds.
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