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Monday, December 26, 2011

Gifts from the Earth

My Christmas morning was not spent opening gifts wrapped in shiny paper and ribbons, but rather with my beloved and two close friends, headed out in the wee pre dawn darkness in order to have ringside seat when the sun rose and the birds flew. We were not disappointed. Mother nature wrapped the gifts in intricate frost patters, delicately glowing grasses and reeds. We were then blessed with the birds.. oh the birds.. the tornado of snows billowing up and setting down, in the bright early just risen sun. The sun climbed and warmed the morning fields, brining forth the deer, the pheasants, the running waterfall filled with tiny silvery sparkling fish tumbling to the pool and stream below.
These were my Christmas gifts.. and I am thankful.

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It looks as though Mother Nature blessed your day. Merry Christmas!
Gretchen, that is a beautiful  work of art and love. Thank you dear.
Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow...you definitely know how to capture the beauty of the earth in photography....Loved the close-up shots of the birds! Hope you have a wonderful 2012...

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