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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Great Carp Caper Giveaway!

Design work and image couresty of Action Graphics and Signs

In just five short days I’ll be helping to host the TeamWON Eradicators at the annual Southern Illinois Outdoors Bowfishing Shout Out.  I’ll be dragging my friends and colleagues from TeamWON Eradicators out into the murky, muddy, backwaters in search of bighead, common, grassy  all manner of carp, we’ll be looking for gar, drum, and shad as well to stick with our arrows, but what’s got TeamWON all stirred up are the infamous Flying Silver Carp. 

The carp that fly through the air with greatest of ease and then whack your head, back, boat, cameras, and anything they can with their large, slimy, flying, fishy bodies. They flip and flop and slime the heck out everything in the boat when they land at your feet. Fun stuff eh? 

Messy old river rat that I am, I’ve learned duck, bob, weave, and occasionally just take full force hit from these flying slimeballs that can weigh upwards of 30 pounds.   But all this talk of carp whacking has the rest of the team in bit of twist about PROTECTION.  Ideas have ranged from batters helmets and hockey masks to head mounted umbrellas with an aftermarket spike affixed to it. 

I know that you  folks don’t want to miss out on one minute of the fun that will ensue when my flying carp neophytes join me on the river; to learn to bob, weave, duck, and to display their “interesting” approaches to  what I’ve come to call “ Flying Carp Body Armor”. In fact we are so sure that you’ll want to be part of the fun that the TeamWON Eradicators  have banded together with our fabulous and generous sponsors to offer you a chance to win a great gift package valued at  $500
Wondering what’s in this great gift package offered up by those of us headed to do battle with the flying silver carp? 

For starters, The Wild Woman is offering up some great Bowfishing items:
From our sponsor Big Time Bowfishing – we have a great DVD that will take you along with renowned bowfisher Sam Wood on some his most extreme bowfishing adventures.

Cajun Archery has generously provided us with not only their lovely Girls Bowfish Too shirt, a great Cajun decal for your boat or ride, a hat to keep that pesky sun out of your eyes while you look for the carp, and one of their famed Yellow Jacket Carbon Fiberglass fishing arrows with a piranha point – and safety slide, ready to go on your next trip out looking for those invasive carp and other rough fish.

Carp chasing will make you hungry – So Casey’s General Store has thrown in a certificate for a free large pizza a dozen doughnuts! 

Bowfishing and flying carp nearly always equal wardrobe malfunctions.  Coming off the water – it’s time to shed those slime and scale covered clothes. But where oh where to tactfully stash ones clean undies? God forbid they come tumbling out of your gear bag and the whole bowfishing circuit learns you wear granny panties or worse yet Mickey Mouse undies.  Spairz has solved that problem for all women who want the convenience of always have an extra set of undies along with their innovative packaging – seriously gals – these discreetly packaged panties will fit right into your pocket, purse, tackle box – and best of all they look like a pack of gum! No more embarrassing moments! 

Everyone needs a memento of a special trip and this lovely gar scale necklace created especially for TeamWON by Dianne Ullery  fits the bill perfectly!

There will also be a few “surprise” items in my bag of goodies from our other friends at Buck Gardner Game Calls, and J and J Guns and Knives. 

This is just what I’m giving away – all of the TeamWON Eradicators are also giving away some nifty things as well including a $100 gift card for Cabela’s, courtesy of the Sportsman's Channel!

By now I’m sure you’re asking where do I sign up? How do I enter? 

Tell me – tell all of us – in the comment section below: 

What would you do to protect yourself from the infamous flying silver carp? 

One entry per person
Contest will run from  August 8, 2011 -  August 15, 2011.
One winner will be selected from 1 of the 5 blogs listed below and will win the entire prize package.

Want to increase your odds of winning? : After you leave your comment here, please visit the other TeamWON Eradicator’ blogs to enter there as well for more great prizes, giving you a better chance of winning all the prizes listed on all 5 blogs. 

The winner: 1 entry will be randomly selected by EACH blog.  Between those 5 finalists - 1 winner will be selected as our grand prize winner.

Be sure to stay tuned this week as we all ready ourselves for “The Great Carp Caper”!

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates as the week progress and LIVE updates from event! (Provided some some slimy flying carp doesn’t knock my smartphone in the murky depths of the Kaskaskia!) 

Best of Luck to all and keep those arrows dancing!


I think I would not want those flying carp touching me so I’d wear a rain slicker and carry a tennis racquet to keep them back in the water... Unless somewhere there's a recipe for carp...not so sure I'd even eat it then though.
Hockey helmets and barrier nets!
I would wear my full hockey gear, cant forget the stick & pucks too. :)
Barb Montgomery
Football helmet! :)
Maybe try some of the Mythbusters paper armor. It was capable of stopping arrows maybe it will stop a Carp.
Please post some video of The Hunters Wife getting smacked by a carp for us.
You could get a piece of PVC pipe cut to your dimensions (height and diameter) and have the eyes and armholes drilled out. And you could have it bolted down on a base and mounted in the boat so you don't get knocked out of the boat.
I liked Babbs' idea of a Viking Helmet so you could spear the little buggers, but how about adding a hog hunting spear to the mix? Then you could get 3 at once!!
I'm taking along my baseball umbrella. It has a pointy end and when it's closed can be swung like a bat or stick the fish with the pointy end. Open, it will help the slimy things slide right off and onto someone else.
the very FIRST thing i’d do is buy a helmet! i’m such an unlucky klutz – there’s no doubt in my mind that a flying carp would hit me right in the head.hopefully, i wouldn’t be standing at the time, because i’d FOR SURE fall out of the boat! and definitely something to cover the chest area, because if by chance i didn’t get hit in the head by a flying carp, one would surely hit me in the chest… and that has to hurt [don't ask my how i know that!]!

add to that a pair of waders to protect my legs from all that flying slime!
To protect your head, I would have to say a hockey helmet w/cage. If you don't have access to that, a regular bike helment and some skiing goggles. You're bowfishing right? Shoot them before they have a chance to smack you :) Good luck & have fun!

Tammie Schreiber
Wow what a bunch of great ideas folks! Sounds like everyone pretty much agrees on helmets - and Suzy - no poking the Mayor with the pointy end of your umbrella!
A riding helmet (because it's light), a crash vest(because they really help lessen the impact) and a rain suit (to protect from the slime) :)
Protect myself? WHY? Shoot far, sista, I’d just ride in the boat as usual and let the ‘hit’ land where it may. :) BUT. IF I were to choose to protect myself, that’d be simple.

– in that boat;
– on that river;
– anywhere near those crazy-arsed flying carpa piscis. !

Vini Vidi Comedi
Keep those great ideas coming folks - ofieldstream - I think you make more sense than anyone!
Test comment during updates
Full body armor would be nice, but heavy in case they knock you out of the boat. You may just have to shoot em before they can get to you.
To protect your head, I would have to say a hockey helmet w/cage. If you don't have access to that, a regular bike helment and some skiing goggles. You're bowfishing right? Shoot them before they have a chance to smack you :) Good luck & have fun!

Tammie Schreiber
I think I would not want those flying carp touching me so I’d wear a rain slicker and carry a tennis racquet to keep them back in the water... Unless somewhere there's a recipe for carp...not so sure I'd even eat it then though.
Hey Gretchen! You have really gone "all out" to plan this event, and WOWEE, what a great necklace! Please thank Diane for us, won't you? Can hardly wait for the arrows to commence flyin'. See you soon, and thanks, again.
It's going to be a hoot! Thanks for your kind words !
I think I would go with the Under Armour padded gear or Shockskin. And definetely a football helmet. I think you will have a blast no matter how protected or not protected you are. I hope you have a blast!!
If I had all the bucks I would ever need, I'd get a flotilla of boats to run
abreast down the river to get the beasties jumping. I would be in the door
of a blackhawk shooting down on the flying missiles at a height just safe
enough to not get hit but still be in good bow range. Now we all know that
the standard M-60 door gun would be a lot of fun, and extremely effective,
but you can't put the help
in harms way. Good beaters are hard to find... Then, when I connected I
would swing the carp into the rotors and into instant chum. While all this
was going down, Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" booming up and down the
river for all to hear... SWEET!
I've read some of the very clever solutions (and am impressed); however, all I can think of is: I'd hide behind my husband (because I don't care if he gets hit by a flying carp!)
Thanks for the giveaway.
Natalie J Vandenberghe
How about a specially built carp-proof cage? They make shark proof cages, so why not?
Drive fast!!!!
I think you've worked one too many days at the air base LOL
Get up way too early, drive several hours, get some outdoor writers and photographers together and then go looking for silvers.... and they'll be as scarce as hens teeth. Ask me how I know. LOL.

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