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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dancing Arrow Diva Winner!

Wowie zowie has it ever been a busy time the last few days hosting TeamWON here in Southern Illinois. So busy in fact that I ended up worn to complete frazzle.
MS does that to a person. Too many withdrawals from the energy bank and not enough deposits makes for a couple of days sleeping one's life away.

But - enough of that foolishness - it's time to more along and announce the winner of the Dancing Arrow Diva Give Away !

Using a random number generator our winner is..........

JODI SMITH!! Jodi of Wild Kitchen fame - so happy to see Jody win this prize package!
We will be expecting to see a photo or better yet a good carp recipe two from her soon!

Congrats Jodi! Stay tuned for the announcement tomorrow of the finalist in the Great Carp Caper giveaway; a few of TeamWON are still out there on the highways and by ways somewhere, so the announcement of the finalists will be sometime tomorrow !



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