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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Could Win....

Let's face - there are what seems like a bazillion contests out there related to the outdoors. BUT, how many of us even know about them? Because I have an interesting circle of friends, contacts, associations etc. I get notifications of great many of these contests. I also tend to just stumble upon them while I'm whiling away the evening surfing around looking for interesting outdoor information and reads.

It hit me this morning while I was spending some time over at the Outdoor Blogger Network  why shouldn't I do an entry every week or so with a list of some the more interesting and nifty contest I run across? How does Winning Wednesdays strike you?

Bear in mind - I have no affiliation with any these contests, ( such as being a judge, getting goodies for posting; you know, all of that stuff that keeps the legal beagles busy)  I just like to share interesting things I come across - especially when it involves women or youth in the outdoors. I also like to save time when I'm surfing around and when I find a page with some good links and lists - it's a help to me.

So without further adieu  -Let the inaugural edition of Winning Wednesdays commence! Good luck to all my readers who enter the contests below!
  1. Womens Outdoor News has great caption contest going on right now - The best caption will win a BOGGear tripod, specifically, the CLD Series (Camo Legged Devil) with a rubber-coated U head and the new PCA head (Professional Camera Adapter) for Bog-Pod shooting sticks. Two runners-up will receive hot, fresh-off-the-machine BOGGear ballcaps. Enter as many times as you want. to enter visit The Shoot To Thrill section at the WON and give them your best caption for Tim Flanigan's wonderful photo! 
  2. Take Kids Fly Fishing has a nifty coloring contest going on. The prize list is pretty darn impressive! Impressive enough that I wish I was under 16 and could enter this! What better way to help your little one learn about flyfishing and have a chance to win some great prizes as well?  To enter visit  the contest entry page  at Take Kids Fly Fishing to download all the materials and get your youngster's creative juices flowing.
  3. GrandViewOutdoors.com  tells us they are "The premier online destination for avid outdoor enthusiasts, whose passions center on hunting and fishing. It brings together the full breadth of expertise, in-depth information and breaking industry news found on individual content channels and in the pages of Grand View Outdoors’ print magazines."  The sheer number of contests that Grandview offers is nothing short of amazing. If you can't find something here to spark your interest, you simply haven't looked long enough! 
  4. The good folks at Keen Footwear  are currently hosting a contest with part of it's "Recess is Back!" program.  Go ahead -  just try to tell me that you don't need as Keen says "a 15 minute  recess every day  to get outside and breathe the good air" . To enter the contest for a chance to win some awesome Keen footwear visit the entry page here 
  5. Last but by no means least - our friends at Backpacker magazine have great contest page at their web site, as well as site packed full of great reading and surfing. Have a look and enter some of their many giveaways! 
That's the first five for Winning Wednesdays. To stay up to date with the great opportunities offered on Wednesdays her at Walking with the Wild Woman, subscribe to the feed, follow the blog, catch it on Twitter and Facebook, check in every Wednesday afternoon, and see what's going on my neighborhood and where I 've been walking around the internet this week.
If you are an outdoor blogger, PR person, and so on and would like to see your contest featured in Winning Wedesdays PLEASE PLEASE  drop me a note at  steelephoto@gmail.com and we'll get you listed!

Good Luck to all! Happy Wednesday!


    What a great idea!!
    Thanks for the shout out, Gretchen! Really like what you're doing here. Keep on writing!
    I've enjoyed walking in the wild with the Wild Woman and look forward to more walks. :)
    Thanks for the shout out, Gretchen! Really like what you're doing here. Keep on writing!

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